Review Of The Wealthy Affiliate University

Review Of TheWealthy Affiliate UniversityReview Of TheWealthy Affiliate University

My name is Roderick Massiah and I first joined Wealthy Affiliate in August 2019 after stumbling

across it on the Internet and thought it might be worth checking out after reading

a Review Of The Wealthy Affiliate University and luckily for me I did, but, I didn’t realize

how big this website actually is until I spent the first few weeks learning the initial “training course”.

The initial training taught me all the basics of what “affiliate marketing” is and how

to go about setting up my own online money making business the right way.

I can’t list all the knowledge that Wealthy Affiliate is teaching me, but I can tell you it is

well worth the monthly subscription that might put a few people off.

I started promoting my WA link and made my first sale after a few people signed up.

Most importantly, the feeling was amazing when I made my very first sale, after so many

years of struggling with affiliate marketing and I have to say it never felt better.

A review of the wealthy affiliate program

Wealthy Affiliate is an Internet marketing university training website from which you do not need to buy anything else as
this website includes everything you need to create your online business.

It was created by the Affiliate marketing experts whose names are Kyle And Carson and who

between them have helped hundreds of thousands of people learn how to make huge amounts of money

online by setting up affiliate marketing businesses.

They give you one on one support with the Wealthy Affiliate program and any questions that are asked never go unanswered.

As any Wealthy Affiliate testimonial will tell you after finding so many scam sites this website is a

breath of fresh air and totally provides the knowledge and information required to start an online business.

Wealthy Affiliate – A Few Features I Recommend

Training Action Course – After registering in the forum and introducing myself I started the first day of the training course
and I didn’t have a clue what anything was or meant.

This course is taking me by the hand and gradually teaching me what Internet marketing is and even gives me homework!!!

(Lol homework at 59 yrs old imagine that)

The Wealthy Affiliate Forum

This is where the community of Wealthy Affiliate members go and help each other out

with any kind of problems or with the latest techniques.
I found this such a great help when I needed advice or had a problem.


Wealthy Affiliate Guided Tour

In this review of the wealthy affiliate university, you’ll see how it’s the ladder to become a successful affiliate marketer.
It offers lots of free internet marketing strategies that boost the success rate of your online business.

Do more with wealthy affiliate university

Niche Research
Article Marketing
Pay-Per-Click Marketing
Email Marketing
Website Development and Web Hosting

In a nutshell, the Wealthy Affiliate University offers all the necessary tools and training

procedures that are required for the expert article marketer.
What’s more? You receive complete support from the peers and professionals here to help

you grow and succeed, irrespective of the strategy used.
It is important to remember that different article directories like Ezinearticles and Web 2.0 sites,

such as Squidoo, Hubpages, have different criteria about the way, their articles need to be written.

Moreover, the strategy used in different directories varies and you need to play efficiently, complying with the rules, to optimize your success.

Review Of TheWealthy Affiliate University

Review Courses Offered At Wealthy Affiliate University

There is not just a single course on direct linking or backlinking; instead, there are lots of courses at this program that leaves nothing out.
The courses offered at wealthy affiliate university are complete and meant to trigger your success.

After studying the strategies, you need to put them into practice. For instance, with the help of the WA Rapid Writer program.

You can write articles with the right keywords incorporated in the required number of times.
Correct keyword density will help target the niche market as the search engines crawl through your articles to list them on the basis of their relevance.
A well written and optimized article can rank on the first page of the search engines!


Maximize your Traffic Strategies, if you are a starter without any experience whatsoever, JOIN THE WEALTHY AFFILIATE UNIVERSITY NOW because it teaches you the basics of article marketing.

www wealthy affiliate com

You are Seconds Away from training, support, websites, and success online!

Review Of TheWealthy Affiliate University

 The Training Lessons At The Wealthy Affiliate University!

As a matter of fact, the training lessons guide you from internet marketing. At the same time going through the higher rungs of product creation, as well as product promotion.

In addition, the weekly lessons such as list creation, email, pay per click and article marketing offer you a bird’s eye view, of internet marketing strategies. For instance, if you are not confident with your writing skills start writing today to excel in the job.

Understand the perspectives of Wealthy AffiliateUniversity!

This will not only help you know what is required in your online marketing strategies but also what to expect.
Most importantly, find the right niche, and if you are dedicated, the results will start showing automatically.

Visit the Wealthy Affiliate University forum that has a lot of experienced, helpful and friendly members who are happy to guide you.

You may even SIGN UP for membership to access a cartload of extras, such as free drag and drop website building, free site hosting and more.


All things considered, it’s very important to let you know that my website contains affiliate links.

So, please read my affiliate disclosure for more information.

I accept Questions, Comments, Personal Reviews. So please feel free to leave them below in the comment box.

Thank you again for visiting the Regal Assets Wealth Partner website.


Roderick Massiah


  1. Hi Mr. Massiah this is one of the few reviews that really resonated with me on a online marketers level If you ever decided to do Affiliate Marketing coaching mostly would succeed at it.Thanks for the share and have a good day

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