PayDotCom – Clickbank alternative

PayDotCom- Clickbank alternative

 PayDotCom – Clickbank alternative

PayDotCom is a site that connects marketers with product owners and as a Clickbank alternative, it suits everyone who is looking for products to promote in the most popular niches.

Its’ support system and navigation are not as high as ClickBank. However, it’s another alternative for affiliate marketing.

Find Affiliate Offers on PayDotCom

 A lot of different products and lower competition are reasons to look for an alternative to Clickbank.

Anyhow, the same affiliate methods will work with other networks.

The products on PayDotCom

PayDotCom.com is different from ClickBank because it has physical and digital products.

The site has niche products for beauty, self-help, marketing and internet tools.

Marketers can get paid up to 80 percent on a sale,

with a chance of getting a share of the upsell and repeated payments.

There are loads of ebooks, video training and membership offers on the site.

How to choose products 

ClickBank’s, popular indicator is easy to choose and find programs to promote.

However, An affiliate marketer can search in different categories, and also a keyword search.

The search results can be ordered by earnings per sale and the percentage of payment.

There are plenty of weight-loss products and self-help information for sale.

However, the quality check of PayDotCom is not as strict as ClickBank’s.

The affiliate should review the quality of the sales copy and get a copy to test.

PayDotCom widgets

A simple solution for many affiliate marketers with a blog is to feature a product feed on their site.

The site runs a javascript in the sidebar and selected products’ headlines are featured in the box.

This is not a guarantee for success, but it’s a way to increase affiliate revenue.

For a simple blog that has related products, it can work, but other methods also need to be used.

Promotion tools on PayDotCom

Other than the widgets, there is a great variety of promotional tools on the site.

Vendors upload banners, email templates, and even articles to help affiliates make money for both parties.

Above all, Campaign tracking helps marketers measure the success of each promotional tool.

Choose the best converting marketing method for every product.

Commission payments 

At PayDotCom affiliates can get paid by PayPal.

The lowest payout is 50 dollars and marketers have to wait 30 days.

However, PayDotCom starts affiliates faster than other programs after a few verifying steps.


PayDotCom gives faster PayPal payments, a large number of products and instant approval of affiliates.

Affiliate tools and products that don’t require the merchant’s consent are there for new internet marketers.

However, the payment protection of affiliates is not as strong as with ClickBank.

Payment delays might occur if the merchant pays the site late.

In addition, affiliates pay 50 percent of the site’s fees.

Making the number of payments they can earn to be less.

Therefore, the benefits of choosing PayDotCom over ClickBank is up to you.

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