Latent Semantic Indexing

Latent Semantic Indexing

Latent Semantic Indexing – Vital to Higher Search Engine Rankings

You may have heard about Latent Semantic Indexing but do you really know what it means? How exactly can it help you rank higher in the search engines? Are you aware that there are tools that can automate the process of finding Latent Semantic Indexing keywords for your web pages? Well, if you’re still more than a little confused about the process, here are some things you definitely need to know.

Understanding Latent Semantic Indexing

In a nutshell, LSI stands for ‘Latent Semantic Indexing’ and is part of algorithms used by search engines to understand what pages are all about and rank their quality. Unlike humans, search engines do not understand the words written on a page, but they are very good at recognizing patterns of related words. Therefore, search engines need to rely on mathematical formulas to rank web content and match it to the right queries. LSI is a part of this.

In simpler terms, LSI refers to the importance of using related terms to complement and support the main keywords found in your pages. If search engines determine that your content thoroughly covers a topic, they will inevitably see you as an authority in your subject and give you a higher search engine ranking. In effect, your LSI rating will tell the search engines just how good your content really is.

For example, if you are writing about a particular topic such as “dog training”, proper LSI may involve the use synonymous terms such as “dog obedience training”, “dog training classes”, “training your dog for the house”, “ your puppy training ”, etc. With these terms in the content, it may become apparent more thoroughly researched and authoritative in the eyes of the search engines.

Why LSI matters

Articles that get high LSI rankings are usually those that cover the topic very extensively, as they cover the most important parts of the topic. Unlike keyword placement and other more traditional ranking factors, good LSI requires that writers put special effort into their articles. Google and other search engines know this and have increased the importance of LSI while downgrading other factors.

Other advantages of LSI
When starting with LSI keywords before writing on a topic, you have a lot of ideas that can be used to create better articles and to write them faster.

Finding Latent Semantic Indexing keywords

To find the right LSI keywords to use in articles, it is necessary to look at the top sites for targeted keyword phrases and see what common terms and topics they are using. While this can be done manually with Excel, it is obviously a time-consuming process that is best left to the software.

Some sites to help you automate the process

The following are a couple of the top LSI tools sites to consider.


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