How to Write Affiliate Marketing Articles

How to Write Affiliate Marketing Articles

How to Write Affiliate Marketing Articles

To make affiliate marketing work, an online business owner needs to know what specifically needs to be done and how to do it correctly. A case in point is writing articles that readers want. Affiliate marketers need to know how to write different types of marketing articles that will attract traffic and turn readers into buyers.

So, what are the types of articles that should be used and how should they be written to achieve their purpose?

Basically, there are five types of affiliate marketing articles to write about that can bring good results –

Product review and Comparison articles, Testimonials, Product news releases, and How-to articles.

Below are some pointers on creating the different types of review articles. Whatever the type, always keep the following in mind:

  • The type of person who is likely to buy the product
  • The problem being solved
  • What the product promises and delivers
  • The overall value of the product

Write Affiliate Marketing Product Review Articles

Research has shown that people seek out product reviews before purchasing, and these reviews influence their buying decisions.

They are looking for objective opinions to help them decide whether buying a particular product will help them solve their problems or meet their needs.

They need someone who knows what they are talking about to validate their reason to buy.

This can only be done properly if the writer is thoroughly informed about what is being reviewed.

This is why those doing reviews often purchase the product or contact the merchant about receiving an evaluation copy.

Good information is a necessity.

Product review articles should be structured as follows:

A catching title to pull people to the article

Images and/or videos in the article to draw attention, while providing a reference and credibility.

A description and evaluation (some personal opinion is advisable) of the product that details all its major features and what it can do.

This needs to be honest and objective as explained below.

Describe the type of buyer who will most likely benefit from this product.

Include a call to action in the summary. Remember, the odds are very much against the visitor coming back and buying from you.

They need to know of the limited time offer or some other reason to buy now!

Although some people may think that discussing a product’s flaws may scare potential customers away.

Provide a balanced review can actually give them the push they need to finally take out their credit cards and buy.

Moreover, it can help establish your visitors’ trust and confidence in you.

Use keyword research tools to try to include at least one beatable keyword phrase in the product review.

Product comparison articles

In selling a product, whether digital or physical, writing product comparison articles can also be a great idea, if you are confident that the product will sell.

Let’s face it; there is very little chance the product you are promoting is the only one of its kind.

There will always be at least some competition in the niche.

Since it is likely that prospective customers have already done some research and gained an initial impression regarding these products.

Focusing on the favorable features and/or benefits of the product will help.

Think about the things that make it stand out from the rest of the competition and concentrate on those things.

However, remain balanced to build your credibility while remembering that at least some of the readers will be new to the product.

Always focus on providing as much information as possible to help their readers make informed decisions on which product to buy.

A lot of people appreciate having someone do the research, so give them what they want.

How to Write Affiliate Marketing ArticlesTo write the best product comparison reviews

keep the following in mind:

(A): Provide a list of detailed features:

Online buyers appreciate knowing what they are about to get so be as meticulous as possible in describing each of the products.

Consider presenting the features and benefits as well as the apparent and perceived downsides.

Providing these as a bulleted list makes it easier for potential buyers to see how the products stack up against each other.

Provide an overview of the similarities and differences between the products.

To make things easier for potential buyers, the points of comparison should be presented alongside each other.

In comparing less than ten products, you can present the information by using a table or separate blocks.

However, if you are comparing more than ten products, you can make use of a faceted search instead.

Remember, it is not a good idea to have potential buyers visit different pages just to get the information they need.

Understand what your buyers deciding factors are:

This may take quite a bit of research, knowing what these factors are.

However, these factors can spell the difference between a successful campaign and one that is destined to fail.

Product news articles

Providing updated news and information is yet another great way of enticing potential buyers to buy the products you are promoting.

Such articles aim to keep potential buyers abreast of all the latest developments regarding a particular product.

They also help them see how changes affect the overall quality of the product into consideration.

In order to achieve the desired results, here are some important things to consider when writing a news release article:

(A) List all the changes: The article should clearly indicate all the features that were added, upgraded or eliminated.

Changes in the price and the date by which such changes will take place should also be mentioned in the article.

(B) Make sure that the 5 W’s (who, what, when, where, why) of journalism are properly addressed.

The article should specifically answer all the questions pertaining to the product news release.

(C) Keep your product news article short, clear and to the point to ensure clarity.

How-to articles

(A) People want answers to problems. When an affiliate product solves it:

(B) Tell about the problem.

(C) Offer a solution with all the instructions clearly written and in chronological order.

The best how-to articles will offer video, images and other aids to help people solve the problem.

(D) Introduce the product as the best solution.

(E) Add further advice

When done properly, this content can often go viral.

Write About Affiliate Marketing Testimonials

Everyone knows that social proof can play a significant role in the buying process.

It can help lend credibility to a product and make people more confident in taking out their credit cards to buy.

After all, if other people are buying it and are happy with their purchase.

It may just be the product that can help them solve their problems or meet their needs.

This is the basic principle by which product testimonials work.

Here are some important things to consider in writing effective product testimonials:

(A) Highlight the specific benefits of using the product.

More than just listing the main features of the product, discussing the exact benefits that can be derived from using it can be very effective.

(B) Be truthful and frank.

(C) Be tactful and considerate.

(D) Keep it short and sweet.

(E) Make sure it engages the readers.

Wondering how you can get product testimonials for your site (perhaps to add to other types of articles)?

Well, you can always consider asking previous customers to write a testimonial if they have been satisfied with their purchase.

You can even offer to have their link on your site or offer a limited number of products for free in exchange for a testimonial.

Writing articles to enhance traffic and conversion can be one of the wisest decisions any affiliate marketer can ever make.

So, feel free to use a combination of these articles to find out which works best for your products and/or affiliate programs.

If you have any questions or comments on how to improve the site or anything else, please let me know.

In the future, I will certainly take any suggestions you make into account.

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