Latent Semantic Indexing

Latent Semantic Indexing

Latent Semantic Indexing – Vital to Higher Search Engine Rankings

You may have heard about Latent Semantic Indexing but do you really know what it means? How exactly can it help you rank higher in the search engines? Are you aware that there are tools that can automate the process of finding Latent Semantic Indexing keywords for your web pages? Well, if you’re still more than a little confused about the process, here are some things you definitely need to know.

Understanding Latent Semantic Indexing

In a nutshell, LSI stands for ‘Latent Semantic Indexing’ and is part of algorithms used by search engines to understand what pages are all about and rank their quality. Unlike humans, search engines do not understand the words written on a page, but they are very good at recognizing patterns of related words. Therefore, search engines need to rely on mathematical formulas to rank web content and match it to the right queries. LSI is a part of this.

In simpler terms, LSI refers to the importance of using related terms to complement and support the main keywords found in your pages. If search engines determine that your content thoroughly covers a topic, they will inevitably see you as an authority in your subject and give you a higher search engine ranking. In effect, your LSI rating will tell the search engines just how good your content really is.

For example, if you are writing about a particular topic such as “dog training”, proper LSI may involve the use synonymous terms such as “dog obedience training”, “dog training classes”, “training your dog for the house”, “ your puppy training ”, etc. With these terms in the content, it may become apparent more thoroughly researched and authoritative in the eyes of the search engines.

Why LSI matters

Articles that get high LSI rankings are usually those that cover the topic very extensively, as they cover the most important parts of the topic. Unlike keyword placement and other more traditional ranking factors, good LSI requires that writers put special effort into their articles. Google and other search engines know this and have increased the importance of LSI while downgrading other factors.

Other advantages of LSI
When starting with LSI keywords before writing on a topic, you have a lot of ideas that can be used to create better articles and to write them faster.

Finding Latent Semantic Indexing keywords

To find the right LSI keywords to use in articles, it is necessary to look at the top sites for targeted keyword phrases and see what common terms and topics they are using. While this can be done manually with Excel, it is obviously a time-consuming process that is best left to the software.

Some sites to help you automate the process

The following are a couple of the top LSI tools sites to consider.



How to find the Best Domain Name

How to find the Best Domain Name

Whenever you decide to start a website, your first thought should be on how to find the best domain name that is catchy with people, it is also important to consider SEO (search engine optimization) when deciding on the URL. From the length of the name to the domain extension, there are various factors that should be taken into account.

When starting a business in the past, by far the biggest factor for most was how to find the best name to come up with, something that was catchy, inspired confidence or sounded good in people’s minds for some other reasons. While this is still important, and it is fine to base domain name selection totally on finding the best catchy domain name, the internet has added new angles to consider.

Domain and website name

SEO is about optimizing a site with search engines for selected keywords directly related to the theme or product of the site.

One way of attracting search engine attention to these keywords is by having a domain and matching

site name that includes them (use keyword research tools to find these keywords).

Also, since the name of the business is often used in the site, a keyword-rich name will

give a further boost to those keywords in the ranking by increasing their density on the website.

While it is not a good idea to put too much importance and faith into this, keep in mind that even a minor advantage can make a difference.

How to find the Best Domain Name

Exact match domains (EMD)

In the past, having a domain that exactly matched a keyword phrase (EMD) could provide a significant boost in the search engines.

This led to a lot of micro-niche sites, often put up very quickly and with poor content, ranking high in search results.

In response, search engines have greatly devalued the power of EMDs. They can still provide some value, but they can also backfire if there is too much deliberate optimization on a site for an EMD.

Brandable domain names

With the decline of the importance of keywords in the domain name, it makes sense to consider going after a brandable domain name.

Something that is short, catchy and memorable. Also, This can be a name that has nothing to with the niche.

An example of this is potpiegirl, which is a successful site on internet marketing.

However, it is advisable to keep the name related to the niche, and a keyword or two certainly cannot hurt.

Never use a name that can easily be mistaken for a famous brand name as this could lead to legal problems.

In addition, keep in mind that there is some evidence that registering the domain for more than a year shows commitment and can help with SEO.

Utilizing domain discovery tools

There are a number of tools that help find the best domains.

For example, Dot-o-mator has various features to include the ability to search by criteria.

It also offers suggestions based on prefixes or suffixes you enter.

Others offer suggestions based on keywords or help locate the short, easy-to-type domains.

However, various tools and their features can be found here.

Length of the domain name

While it is good to have the keywords in the domain name, do not shoot for too many keywords.

That would produce a URL that is unwieldy, hard to remember and likely turn off visitors.

Also, having more than three or four keywords in the domain name is not going to help with SEO.

Finding out what is available

The internet is no longer new and many of the best .com domain names have already been taken.

If it is necessary to add an extra word to the domain name to get the desired name.

(The domain name registration will often suggest alternatives).

So, pick a word that will be easy to remember and add something to the name.

One can also use hyphens.

Even though most people prefer names without hyphens, having them does not appear to hurt

with search engine rankings, and they can make the words stand out more in the URL.

Domain name extensions

Using other domain name extensions can open up a lot of potential domain names.

While the use of other TLDs (top-level domains) such as .net, .org or country-specific extensions are likely to increase.

As the internet grows, many people still prefer a .com.

The prestige and potential for more direct traffic with a .com are nice, but it is not something to get too hung up over.

Alternative TLDs are becoming increasingly accepted, and search engines claim they do not take them into consideration when deciding rankings.

That being said, a .net or .org is usually second best and .info should generally be avoided.

After being used extensively by spammers, .info has a bad image in the eyes of many.

Where to get domains

There are a number of registries to find and buy the best domain name that suits you.

It is also possible to choose hosting for these domains from the same service, or it can be purchased separately.

Three of the most popular services are Wealthy AffiliateName Cheap and GoDaddy.

If you find and buy your domain name from a different company than your hosting.

Change your DNS (domain name system) in your account with the domain registry so that it points to the new hosting.

This is a simple procedure that only takes a minute. However, it can take up to 48 hours for this to propagate throughout the internet.

Selecting a pre-owned domain

By buying a domain that was recently used by someone else, it is possible to start out with some pre-existing ranking, links, and traffic.

However, these domains will usually cost more and there are no guarantees anything from the previous site will stick.

Still, this can be a good strategy if the domain name is something you like and start working on right away.

More details on buying pre-owned domains are covered in this guide.

In summary

The domain name does make a difference both as something the visitors should recognize and remember and for SEO purposes.

While there is nothing wrong with choosing a name simply because it is catchy, it is a good idea to go for a name that includes keywords when practical.


How to Categorize a Site

How to Categorize a Site

Before people start to build their sites, they need to have their keywords as well as an organizational plan on how to categorize a site.

To categorize a site is not only important to give users the best experience possible.

It also plays an important role in search engine optimization (and is growing in importance).

The process to organize and categorize a site is known as siloing, and it needs to be taken into account by everyone with a website.

Choosing the niche level

The first step in organizing a site is to consider how deep to go into the niche.

For example, a site about golf would likely be too broad a topic and very difficult to rank for, therefore, it is necessary to go deeper into the niche.

A step further into the niche could be “men’s golf,” however, even that would likely be too broad a topic for most people.

Thus, they might want to further narrow the main theme of the site to something like “men’s golf clubs.”

A smaller site that is more narrowly focused could perhaps only cover a certain type of golf club.

How far people go into their niches should center on how big the site will be and how much they plan to put into it.

A bigger site in which considerable time and resources will be devoted to can go for a broader niche while smaller sites need to stay more focused.

Categorize and siloing  a site

All but the smallest sites need to be organized around categories.

Using the golf example again, a site about golf clubs could be categorized by the type of club.

Depending on the size of the site, there could be five to six main categories with these main categories divided into two or more subcategories each.How to Categorize a Site

Each category, or silo, can be thought of as kind of a mini-site under a common theme with internal linking kept within the categories/silos or to and from the main page. (use nofollow when linking outside of the silo).

This will enable the keywords to mutually support each other in a theme, concentrate their power and help them rank higher in the search engines.

Plus, it makes sites easier to navigate and more popular with visitors.

Start with keywords

The site structure should in part take into account keyword phrases that have beatable competition.

By optimizing a site for these keywords, webmasters can get their first natural visitors to their sites.

As the site’s size, links, and traffic grow, so will it’s ranking, which will, in turn,

bring in more visitors from more broad searches.

Some tools for finding these keywords can be found at how to find a niche.

At the same time, do not obsess too much with keywords.

The key to a good site is to have the organization and content that will offer the best user experience.

To some extent, the right keywords will come naturally.

Deciding on categories

Once the keywords that will be utilized have been decided upon.

A blueprint of the basic site structure and categories should be made.

This can be done based on the seed keyword phrases that will be used as well as the future plans for the site.

It is also a good idea to look at the competition to see what they are doing.

Do a search of the main theme keywords and look for ideas from the

top-ranked sites then draw a layout for the site.

For example, a site on golf clubs might be divided into such broad categories as drivers, irons, putters, wedges, etc.

Basic layout and linking

Keep in mind that the basic layout should be somewhat triangular-shaped.

Starting with the theme of the site and the main categories.

The structure will widen towards the bottom with the subcategories and the target keyword phrases

(often called long-tail keywords) at the bottom.

Each category should have a single landing page where all the pages in the category link.

These landing pages, in turn, need to be easily navigable from the top page.

Linking and other search engine optimization efforts should start with these long-tail keywords.

And, move up the categories (to those phrases with more traffic and competition)

as the site begins to rank and get natural traffic.

With the right planning and structure, building a website is not only easier,

but the site will be better for the users and the search engines.

Any investments in time and money put into planning before building a site will certainly pay off later.

If you have any questions or comments on how to improve the site or anything else, please let me know

. I would like nothing better than to hear from you. In the future, I will certainly take any suggestions you make into account.


Are You Looking for a Niche?

Are You Looking for a Niche?

Are You Looking for a Niche? Some Popular Topics to Consider

The first step to marketing online is to look for a niche. However, products and personal interests are some factors to take into account in the niche, also, popularity and profit must be considered. So, Are you looking for a niche?

Here are some niches that generate a lot of interest that can be turned into great traffic for websites.

Looking At Money Niche

Regardless of whether or not money makes the world go around; it certainly is a popular online topic. From saving and investing to credit cards, there are plenty of money related niches that can be turned into well-visited websites.

Dating and relationships

People are social by nature, and this is reflected in the popularity of online dating sites and the degree in which people seek out social contact and advice.

It is not necessary to try to start a dating website, but those interested in the topic can generate good traffic with information on topics to include relationships, sex, and dating.

Gaming And Gambling

For those who love games, it may be a good idea to start looking at the gaming niche and make money from your passion.

Considering the vast number of people who are addicted to gaming and the prevalence of games on so many devices, there is certainly a huge market with lots of niches that can be targeted.

Along with gaming comes online gambling (online poker, casinos, etc.) for those who don’t mind getting into such topics.

Looking For An Education Niche

With the changing economy and tough economic times comes a stronger desire to obtain new skills and get better jobs.

Education has become one of the most profitable online niches today. In fact, the terms “accounting degree”,  “criminal justice degrees online”, “psychology bachelor’s degree online” and “masters degree” are among the most expensive keywords on Adwords.

The more expensive a keyword is, the more money there is in the niche. In addition to education programs, it is possible to target scholarships and educational loans.

Weight loss

Who doesn’t want a leaner body?

People of all ages around the world are willing to pay top dollar to uncover the secret to melting away unwanted body fat – fast!

With the great number of people who are significantly overweight, this one will be a sure winner, if you know how to break into this niche.

For example, there is a growing demand for homeopathic weight loss remedies since a large number of people want to lose weight the natural way.

Muscle building

The muscle building niche also can be lucrative as it complements the weight loss niche as well as people’s desire to be healthy and look good.

With this niche, you can target a wide variety of sub-niches to include diet, supplements, equipment in addition to weight loss and gain.

Self-help and personal development

Everyone wants help at some time, and it is often enjoyable to give it.

If you have any interest in helping people reach their full potential, getting into this niche online may be a way to assist others while putting money in your pocket.

People are actively searching for the most effective ways on how to deal with anxiety attacks, how to gain better self-esteem, and how to manage time more effectively, to name a few and there is certainly no shortage of topics.

How-to niches

With the high cost of professional help and the satisfaction that comes with doing something yourself, a great number of people are looking to learn the skills needed to get things done without relying on others.

Looking for Hobbies and crafts Niche

Most people rush to their computers when they have a question about their hobbies.

If you have a hobby, you probably have specialized knowledge of it that people can use. It may be time to market your passion.

Business and making money online

It is hard to find a person who is not interested in making more money and the internet is now the place people go for information on how to start business both online and off.

There are unlimited niches in this field, and many new ways to generate income from home since this is a fascinating topic for anyone interested in business.

All of these niches can be very profitable if you take the time and effort to do your research and explore all the possible angles and sub-niches available. Further advice on what to consider when selecting a topic for a website can be found at how to find a niche.

If you have any questions or comments on how to improve the site or anything else, please let me know. I would like nothing better than to hear from you. In the future, I will certainly take any suggestions you make into account.


Internet Affiliate Marketing Tips

Internet Affiliate Marketing Tips

Internet Affiliate Marketing Tips

Marketing online requires knowledge and patience. The following internet affiliate marketing tips will set you on the right path and help you avoid some common mistakes.

Topics of interest

1. Choose topics of interest
A good affiliate marketer has a connection to what is being marketed and is knowledgeable on the topic. This makes it much easier to make good content that will attract and engage buyers.

Select things of interest and make sure to become thoroughly educated in them.

Internet affiliate marketing tips: Research

2. Do careful research
Have a plan (albeit a flexible one) before building anything.

The niche needs to be commercially viable and Great Keywords must be researched.

Have an overall idea of the keywords that will be targeted, choose products to market and plan out what kind of content will be put online.


3. Be social
Forums can be a good source of backlinks. More importantly, they are great places to learn about affiliate marketing online as well as the niches being targeted.

A lot of great internet marketing tips can be found for free, and contacts are often made.

Other forms of social networking, such as social bookmarking and news are also good ways to stay connected while building links.

While social networking, you can build knowledge, links and what is known as social buzz.

Although it requires a monthly fee, Wealthy Affiliate has the best tools to help automate some of this process.

Internet affiliate marketing tips: Variety Helps

4. Use a variety of affiliate networks
There is no single best affiliate network. Depending on the product and other factors, different networks will give superior results.

Although a limited number of networks may be better for starting out, most successful marketers build them up over time.Affiliate Marketing Tips


5. Patience is a virtue.
It takes time to build up sites with the quantity of good content needed.

On top of that, it takes even longer for these sites to get noticed and mature enough in the search engines to start attracting natural traffic.

Only the patient will preserve it in the end.

Internet affiliate marketing tips: Be wary

6. Be wary of too many promises
Since making money in affiliate marketing online almost always takes time, you have to be very wary of those who promise quick results.

Such programs rarely deliver anything close to what they promise and may use techniques that can get a site in trouble with the search engines. Be careful of any big investments in products or services.

While there are good software and services that can help people in affiliate marketing and never look at these things as anything other than possible aids in the tough job of affiliate marketing online.

 Giving is receiving 

7. Give something away
People love to receive things. Be it a coupon, e-book or something else.

Offering bonuses to visitors is one of the best ways to attract people to any site.

Often people will give their email address for these products which will be useful for the following internet affiliate marketing tips.

Do some follow-ups

8. Follow up
When people buy a product or interact in some other way such as an opt-in box, offer them something to keep their interest.

A weekly or monthly newsletter can often do this.

Keeping in touch with visitors and continually offering them news and products of value is the best way to keep them coming back and attract referrals.

Internet affiliate marketing tips: Outsource

9. Outsource what you cannot do yourself.
Those looking for an e-book, game or something else to add to a site that they may not be able to create by themselves can use the power of the internet to outsource the task.

Places like Freelancer make it possible to hire people from anywhere in the world. Use this powerful ability whenever practical.


Internet Affiliate Marketing Tips


10. Create timeless content
Beginners need to be prepared to wait a while before their sites mature, and they can start to make money at internet affiliate marketing.

Do not choose products that may be quick fads.

Choose things that are more likely to be popular for a longer period of time , then, create content that will be useful in the future.

More content

11. Keep creating engaging content
An affiliate marketer can never have too much content.

Be it for building up a site or article marketing, it is important to keep writing and learning.

Set a target for the number of articles, or other content such as videos, to produce every week.


12. Use customer testimonials
Many people put a lot of weight in testimonials from people like themselves.

Testimonials should be incorporated into marketing strategies as much as possible.

13. Be humble
Keep in mind that you will always be ignorant of some part of affiliate marketing or behind a trend.

Therefore, learning can never stop.

While it is important to be patient, it is also vital to admit mistakes and change course when a particular strategy is not working.

Be open to totally reorganizing a site or giving up a course of action that is not working.

Of all the internet affiliate marketing tips out there, the best advice for many is simply to work hard, keep learning and never give up.

There are a lot of great advantages with affiliate marketing sites that anyone with enough perseverance can enjoy.