Coupon Affiliate Programs

Coupon Affiliate ProgramsCoupon Affiliate Programs

Coupon affiliate programs are everywhere as the internet has made coupons anonymous and easier to use. While traditional newspaper coupons were commonly used by families for food, they have evolved into printable online coupons, coupon codes, and apps that have expanded coupon use and access to new areas. Now everyone from grocers to online businesses with special deals on products and services is offering them.

Some online marketers do not realize that they can take advantage of coupons to boost income from affiliate sales. A variety of coupon affiliate programs are available that allow affiliates to entice customers into completing sales with discount coupons.

Other coupon networks will pay affiliates for new leads, and some will even pay to get consumers to print manufacturer coupons. Since there are a variety of different coupons affiliate programs, potential affiliates will want to decide what kind of coupons they want to promote before making a final decision on which program to use.

Using coupons in affiliate marketing programs

People go online to find deals. This makes coupons a useful angle for affiliate marketers. If you can find the right coupon affiliate programs in your niche, it is possible to get many great coupon deals emailed to you every day to feature on your sites. Some of the most popular websites use these deals to build regular followers and build authority in their niches.

A few of the major affiliate networks manage affiliate programs for companies that offer coupon codes to their affiliates. These coupon codes can then be used as website content or even as content for newsletter emails.

Newsletters are an excellent way to utilize the power of online coupon codes. Consumers often search for coupon codes for various products, so niche websites can target search engine traffic for these coupon codes on specific products.

An email newsletter gives the affiliate a way to distribute the coupon codes while retaining the ability to contact the interested website visitors in the future. Large recurring monthly incomes can be built using this method with newsletters and coupon codes.

Affiliate marketers interested in promoting coupon affiliate programs can take a look through the recommend networks below. These programs are a variety of different types of coupon programs available, including online discount codes and printable coupons for products sold in stores, so it is important for potential affiliates to decide what type of coupon site they want to make.

Commission Junction 

One of the major affiliate networks online is Commission Junction. They manage affiliate programs for large companies and corporations, and many of them offer discount coupon codes to their affiliates. This factor combined with the reliability of this network makes them a recommended choice for a coupon code affiliate program.

A huge variety of products and services can be promoted through Commission Junction. Advertisers can easily be searched to find those offering coupon codes. Generally, the available coupon codes on this network will be for online shoppers to use at major internet retailers for both products and services.

Coupon Affiliate Programs

Brandcaster coupon affiliate program

Coupons.com offers its own coupon affiliate program called Brandcaster. This network is completely unique because they are the only printable manufacturer coupon affiliate program that allows the printable coupons to be integrated into an affiliate website. This means that affiliates can easily create their own printable manufacturer coupon website by simply adding Brandcaster code to a single web page.

The special Brandcaster coupon integration system is known as the Savings Center. This innovative tool puts printable coupons from top manufacturers and online discount coupon codes for major online retailers directly into an affiliate website. Affiliates earn commissions whenever those coupons are printed by their website visitors or when sales are completed using the online coupon codes.

Printable manufacturer coupons are often for grocery store food products, but these coupons are also available for a wide variety of other types of products found in retail stores. Families that survive on tight budgets and as well as the craze of “extreme couponing” create a high demand for this kind of coupon.

Unlike coupons that are not issued by manufacturers, there are many grocery stores that will double or even triple the face value of these coupons. Combined with special sales at one of these grocery stores, coupon fanatics have been able to leave a store with multiple shopping carts full of food while only paying a couple of dollars or less!

By targeting popular search engine keyword phrases for this niche, affiliates can easily cash in on commissions from website visitors who will continually return for more coupons. Since food products will constantly be purchased, large recurring incomes can be made from enough regular members printing coupons each month.

Groupon Partner Network

Everyone has heard of Groupon, and it obviously has an extensive reach with many local deals. Its affiliate programs offer benefits and tools to include:

  • Affiliate training and support
  • API for customized data feeds
  • A constant supply of fresh deals
  • A useful WordPress plugin
  • Automatic geographical targeting

MySavings Media

When you join this program, you are automatically partnered with many top coupon websites. The products are directed mainly towards women, and there are a great number of offers to choose from. There are coupon codes and sample offers you can also receive commissions on as the network is primarily paying per lead.

Coupon Surfer

They offer quality, brand coupons, a newsletter and other tools for affiliates. Some criticize the site for being poorly organized and requiring signup to use.


Even though Clickbank does not make use of discount coupon codes, they are worth a mention in this category because of the demand for grocery store coupons. Numerous savvy internet marketers have created some great digital products, software tools, and membership sites for consumers interested in maximizing manufacturer coupons for grocery stores.

A coupon site created with Brandcaster’s Savings Center would be wise to promote at least one or two of the available Clickbank products in this niche. Other niche sites with traffic interested in coupon clipping may also have success promoting these products. It is important for affiliates to be picky with which product or products they decide to promote from this Clickbank category.

While there are a number of really good ones available, there are also some very low-quality products created by marketers just looking to make a fast dollar. With a little bit of research and good judgment, affiliates should be able to pick out the good products from the bad.