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Find a Great Affiliate Marketing Forum

Find a Great Affiliate Marketing Forum

 To make money online as an affiliate marketer and be successful can be hard without proper information and know-how. One popular way people learn to succeed in this business is to find and join an affiliate marketing forum that connects people in this community and allow them to share tips and ideas.

Beginners and experts come together and share their knowledge and experience.

Helping both parties improve their earnings potential.

To find and join an affiliate marketing forum offer a wealth of free information on nearly any relational subject like:-

(A) Niche Market Research,

(B) SEO,

(C) Affiliate site-building

(D) keyword research

(E) Network selection

(F) or highest paying programs.

All this free information is posted by forum members who’re making money and sharing their

knowledge and experience, so it can generally be considered reliable.

A great place to just read and learn

The community is the forums’ best thing since forums are a great place to read and learn.

Usually, members are very friendly, making it easier for beginners to post in the forum.

Also, helping to find answers to their questions in an existing post.

It’s a place where marketers meet fellow marketers that share the same problems or interests.

Providing the opportunity to meet new affiliates or even partners for joint ventures.

Affiliate marketing is a huge industry, so there are many forums centered around it.

However, The best forums to join are those with large, active membership counts.

These large, active membership forums constantly have posts, replies from members and someone to answer questions.

Many beginners won’t know whether to join one or more forums.

Although the large, active membership forums have loads of content to read, it’s good to join more than one.

Usually, expert marketers are active members of one or a small handful of forums.

So join multiple forums and get exposure to more of these experts.

Identify them, follow their posts and soak up as much of their knowledge as possible.

 Affiliate marketing forum

Reviews are provided here to help you find and join an affiliate marketing forum online.

These forum communities have thousands of affiliates.

Most of these marketers cover general topics classified as internet marketing instead of affiliate marketing.

However, any kind of information like this is extremely helpful for learning.

Plus, many other marketing strategies can be successfully used to generate more sales.

Warrior Forum
Find a Great Affiliate Marketing Forum

Warrior Forum is usually considered a general internet marketing forum.

Actually, it’s a top affiliate marketing forum because of its huge membership count.

Many experts are there with a wide variety of knowledge and experience that spans almost any conceivable type of niche market.

They’re able to make a full-time income here using the special advertising services available.

Warrior Forum was around for many years, with tons of tips and strategies available for anyone to read.

This forums’ downside is that some of their services are not free.


Many sub-forums allow members to advertise, sell services or products, like the Warrior Special Offers Forum.

Unfortunately, it costs money to post new threads and bumps existing threads in these special forums.

However, many members are actually making lots of money this way.

Premium members-only access the War Room,  a free marketing resources special repository covering anything imaginable.

Considering the War Rooms’ quality and amount of information, the cost and duration of the premium membership.

For any beginner marketer, it’s well worth the upgrade.

With its’ many active, expert members and some downsides.

It is still the most highly recommended forum for affiliate marketers.

Moreover, compared with almost any other forum in the industry, this one has many times more members and thread posts.

Wicked Fire Affiliate Marketing Forum

Another leading forum that seems to have more of an affiliate marketing specialty is Wicked Fire.

Even though they do not have as many members or posts as the Warrior Forum,

there are still reasons why both beginners and experts will want to join this site.

In general, the environment and attitude on this site are completely the opposite of Warrior Forums’.

It is said that the administrators even express their disliking of that forum in some random, sticky forum posts.

Experts can be found here because of some of the advertising services that

cost money on the Warrior Forum is available on Wicked Fire for free.

They offer a Buy, Sell & Trade sub-forum that’s essentially an open marketplace for active members.

However, this sub-forum eligibility requires a minimum post count which isn’t difficult to reach.

In general, e-books are not allowed to be sold here.

Take advantage of the friendly, outgoing nature of members found on Wicked Fire.

Beginners can be ridiculed on other forums for their questions.

However, Wicked Fire offers a dedicated sub-forum for newbie questions that solve this specific problem.

Take advantage of the Buy, Sell & Trade sub-forum to test the water by selling various services or products.

It’s free so before investing more time and money try domain flipping or other creative ideas.

Find More affiliate marketing forums

On related topics are many other good affiliate marketing forums with many active users.

Some of the top ones include the following:

This is a very active form with hundreds of thousands of members.

There are threads for everything from Twitter to programming.

Such a large forum of information attracts spammers and some drawbacks.

Search Engine Watch
This forum covers a lot more than its name implies.

It’s a good source of information from PPC to video and various affiliate marketing topics.


SitePoint is an online media company that has a big forum with a lot of members.

It focuses on a lot on web design and programming as well as affiliate marketing.

For those who need another type of forum.

How to find forums covers the best search techniques for finding great forums in any niche.


How to Find the Right Forums

How to Find the Right ForumsHow to Find the Right Forums

Following and commenting on forums is a way to both keep up with what is going on in a niche and get some backlinks at the same time. It is also a way to socialize and make oneself known among people with related interests. However, forums do take valuable time but finding the right ones will make time spent on them much more effective. Here are some methods on how to Find the Right Forums


Before finding and getting into any forums, remember that spamming with thoughtless comments and blatant self-promotion will lead to one being ignored at best and banned at worst.

Instead, approach forums to learn, network and help people. Offer useful advice and only occasionally include a promotional link.

When people are positively contributing to a forum, many users will follow their signature and profile links back to the forum member’s site without any promotion.

A nice thing about forum commenting is that finding forums does not require any expensive software and can be done through a regular search.

Simply type the following in a search engine:

  • “your niche keyword(s)” forum (try both with and without quotation marks)

For example, a search for a forum on “search engine optimization” would look like this: search engine optimization forum

It is also possible to find good forums using names of popular software that most are run on examples of the most used ones are below.

Note the vBulletin is paid and perhaps the best software.

  • “Powered by vBulletin”  your niche keyword(s)
  • Your niche keyword(s)“Powered by SMF”
  • Your niche keyword(s)“Powered by PhpBB” your niche keyword(s)
  • “Powered by PunBB”
  • Your niche keyword(s)“Powered by IPB”

Therefore, the same search example given above would look like this: “Powered by vBulletin”  search engine optimization

Filtering to find and get the best forums

How to Find the Right ForumsThe results given in searched will likely need to be filtered and narrowed down.

For example, many people will want sites offering “follow” links in order to get more juice from search engine rankings, or only want forums that rank high in search engines.

The free Firefox browser has a lot of good plugins that can help with this task.

One of the best is SEO Quake, which gives lots of information about sites on the search results page to include page rank and if the site is nofollow.

Forum search engines

Another way to find the right forums is to use search engines dedicated to forum searches.

The following are some of the top search engines for this purpose, although some of them contain message boards and other sites that are not strictly forums.

Select ways to look for the best forums regardless of how they’re found.

Examine each forum individually for interesting topics. Looking at the number of threads and the most recent posts will give a good idea of how active it is.

A forum with little recent activity may not be worth signing up with.

In addition, a good forum will have some kind of moderation and will not allow blatant advertising.

Forum signatures

When using forum commenting to bring people to your site, the most important aspect is that they allow some type of signature that shows up at the bottom of posts.

Look at their policies on signatures (doing a search of the forum name + “signature rules” often works well).

Live, dofollow links are the best, but many forums will not offer these.

Any forum that offers some type of a link, even if it is not live, has the possibility of generating good traffic if you are posting information people are really interested in.

How to find and use forums effectively

keep the following goals in mind once the right forum(s) have been found:

  • Learn about the niche and find what people in the niche are interested in
  • Provide others with useful information

Good forums will have knowledgeable people posting on them.

Gather information to use when creating your own content as a great way to learn.

In addition, keep an eye out for popular topics and consider incorporating them into your site.

Forums are never to be used as a place to start just posting links to a site, most posts must be concentrated solely on offering advice.

Give people the best answers possible by doing research.

When people see posters making intelligent and useful answers to posts, they will be drawn to want to learn more about that person and follow links in their signature, even if they have to copy and paste it.

Offer links back to specific articles on your site that offer solutions to questions asked if posting links are allowed.

However, the main emphasis needs to be on establishing oneself as a knowledgeable member of the forum community and learning about the niche. Therefore, Limit the number of forums on one post so that the posts can be regular enough to allow the poster to be noticed.

The profile

Carefully complete the profile with a good image and any other requested information.

Always try to select as clever a name as possible if you are not using your own name.

Informative posts, combined with a good profile is a good way to build followers to your own site and the kind of social proof that search engines are increasingly looking for.

If you have any questions or comments on how to improve the site or anything else, please let me know. I  like nothing better than to hear from you. In the future, I will certainly take any suggestions you make into account.


Niche Affiliate Marketing Market

Niche Affiliate Marketing-Choosing Your Market

Niche Affiliate Marketing – Your Market

If you have been looking for a home business idea or a way to make some extra money online, niche affiliate marketing can be the way to choose your market. A niche is usually thought of as a very narrow and specific market. There are many affiliate marketing programs online that marketers can use to find products and services to sell in the niches they find. It is all about finding a smaller segment of a market that has not received much targeted marking and thus has lower competition.

Niche marketing, to many people, is a hobby that will only supplement their incomes if it pays at all.

There is certainly no guarantee of success. However, with the right attitude and hard work,

it can be built into something that pays handsomely, and some have built these hobbies

into small business empires serving a number of markets.

The niche affiliate marketing market is a great way to get started making money online,

particularly if the focus is on a niche that one has a lot of interest or knowledge in.

The niche with a good background will easier create the kind of content that attracts customers and higher rankings in search engines.

An area of interest is always a good place to start for beginners. Plus, it makes marketing more interesting too.

The affiliate marketer can receive commissions ranging from a few percent to 70% or more for promoting and selling products for others.

Typically, digital products will pay better commissions but may be harder to sell.

Generally, the most profitable affiliate marketing niches have both physical and digital products that can be sold.

Basic advantages of niche affiliate marketing

  • It is not necessary to invest a lot of money to get started.
  • There is no need to handle or stock products.
  • No need to provide customer service.
  • Many products offer high commissions.
  • Work from home.
  • It can be made into either a full-time or side income.
  • It can be started almost immediately.
  • Freedom to work whenever time permits

Pros and cons of entering into a competitive niche affiliate market

Before people can get started in niche affiliate marketing, they need to Decide how competitive of a market to go for.

Those who want to concentrate on fewer websites and devote more time and

the effort to them will likely go for more competitive niches.

There are some advantages as well as disadvantages of getting into a competitive

niche and should be considered before starting.

In such a market, different obstacles will likely be encountered.

A competitive niche is a great place to learn and improve skills in niche marketing.

Getting into such a niche, one can be assured that it is a good market, and there is money to be made in it.

If there was not and the products were not in demand, it is highly unlikely the niche would have ever attracted so many marketers.

In such a busy market where ‘perform or perish’ is the order of the day, those who rise to the top can often make it big.

Niche Affiliate Marketing-Choosing Your MarketThe main disadvantage of getting into a competitive niche is that those without enough skills may not get very far even with a lot of effort.

It will certainly take a longer time to get established in these markets, and the products may change before then.

It is easy to put a lot of time and resources into such a market and not see any real return at all.

Pros and cons of entering a less competitive niche market

The best option for people interested in niche affiliate marketing is finding less competitive niches.

It is frequently recommended by gurus to advise those just getting started.


While most niche markets are gradually becoming more competitive,

a lot of niches are still out there where it is relatively easy to rank at or near the top of in the search engines.

Keep in mind that most people never go past the first result’s page,

and the top few sites get the lion’s share of the traffic.

Thus, ranking first and ranking fifth can make a huge difference in visitors to a site.

Even though a less competitive niche market will have fewer searches,

it may generate more revenue with higher rankings.

Furthermore, it will take a lot less time and effort to get to the top.


In a typical market, the majority of searchers are not going to generate revenue when they visit a site.

This means a website will not make money unless it has a fair number of visitors.

Less competitive niches that only have a few searches a day for a

particular keyword phrase probably will not produce enough income.

Make them worth the time and effort to create.

Many niches with a happy medium can be found especially for those looking to get into niche affiliate marketing.

The niche needs to generate enough traffic to be worthwhile, but not so broad and

competitive that it may take excessive effort to get the site to rank.

Do careful research that takes one’s interests into account while using the tools and principles outlined in how to find a niche.

The right niches can be found, and money can be made with time and practice.

If you have any questions or comments on how to improve the site or anything else, please let me know.

I would like nothing better than to hear from you. In the future, I will certainly take any suggestions you make into account.


Online Publishing Platform

Online Publishing PlatformOnline Publishing Platform

A free online publishing platform allows people to publish content for free. All of these platforms are unique, with each providing special features that others don’t. Depending on the platform, these can be used for various purposes to include publishing promotional content, building links to a website, networking and making people aware of you and your products.

Here are nine of the most popular free online content publishing platforms, and just what makes each one unique:


Blogger online publishing platform created and owned by Google. known to be a very flexible platform that is also fairly simple to use. Because it’s directly tied to the Google platform, there are a few benefits that most Google fanatics enjoy about Blogger:

  • Use your Google Docs to post to your Blogger blogs.
  • You can configure your blog to have a secret posting email address. This allows you to post to your blog by sending content to the email address from other sites, or even your cell phone.
  • Your Google Videos and YouTube videos can be linked directly to your blog posts, keeping all of your content located on the Google platform.
  • Since Blogger is a Google product, Google web crawlers check these blogs regularly, ensuring that you can be found in Google searches if the right keywords are used in your content.

Hubpages online publishing platform

Hubpages is another good platform for publishing content online. Its uniqueness allows users to easily earn revenue with ads provided by their own ad programs, Google Adsense, eBay, and Amazon.com. These revenue sharing sources are all conveniently located on one platform. So, you only have to sign up once to enjoy the benefits of all four. Here are some other unique points:

  • Users, or content providers, are called “hubbers”, posting on sub-domains known as hubs. To start a new topic, you simply start a new hub.
  • Hubpages is not a blogging site. It’s a place where users can publish magazine-like articles. They are usually much longer than blog posts and go in-depth about a specific subject.
  • Unlike blogs, hubs are not continuously added to. To upload multiple posts on a single topic, you would start a new hub, and link them to each other using the Hubpages “group” feature.


This is a community site that lets its members publish pages directly related to particular subjects. These pages are called “lenses”, and their creators are “lense-masters.” Squidoo also allows its lense-masters to earn extra revenue through Amazon.com and eBay referral links. Here are some of the other benefits that are unique to their online publishing platform:

  • Users can create multimedia lenses easily, without having any HTML skills.
  • Squidoo pages become popular because of the way each one is associated with thousands of other lenses.
  • You earn 50 percent of all advertisements you allow to be posted on your lenses.

Online Publishing Platform


WordPress is most popularly known as a free blogging tool. However, what makes it unique to Blogger is that it’s also a content management system that allows many types of useful plug-ins for better functionality. Here are some other great benefits unique to WordPress:

  • The same system can easily be installed on your own hosting. Therefore, you only need to learn one system for both your paid and free hosting sites.
  • Developers like this platform because they have the freedom to design their own plug-ins to make their blogs interactive in the ways they would like. These plug-ins can then be shared for free usage by other WordPress users.

Tumblr online publishing platform

This platform is known as a micro-blogging site. It’s unique in the fact that this blogging site is also a social network site. Their “tumblelog” or “tlog” posting allows users to post short blogs, as opposed to the long ones encouraged by Blogger and WordPress. Moreover, what makes it even more unique is that it encourages “mixed-media” style posts. Here are some examples of what all this means to Tumblr users:

  • The mixed-media micro-blogging comes in the form of links, pics, videos, quotations, and dialogues.
  •  A tumblelog is most commonly used for sharing user creations, findings, and experiences, in contrast to blogs.
  • Used to easily post single items like audio and pictures. Embed a single video quickly with the functionality of the Tumblr platform interface.

Movable Type online publishing platform

Movable Type as an open-source blogsite has been compared to WordPress because of its free hosting package. In particular its an easy platform to use for non-developers who want their own blogs. Just like WordPress and Blogger, it allows for unlimited blogs and stand-alone pages to host your content. It’s a popular blog hosting platform for online publications. Some of the other benefits include:

  • Bloggers can have multiple users for your blogs. That means you can allow blogging access to your assistant, staff members and sales staff for a more interactive business blog.
  • The interface allows you to create new blogs and websites from one screen. It also gives you the convenience of being able to see at-a-glance activity summaries for your blogs and sites.
  • It allows you to set-up user permissions for multiple bloggers within your blog or website. You can easily disable access without any hassles at all.

Xanga online publishing platform

This blogging platform was originally intended to be a site for users to share reviews on books, music, and movies. Xanga, as a full-service blog hosting site, brands itself as being as user-friendly as Facebook or MySpace. Many flocks to Xanga for this ease of use. However, there are other benefits:

  • Xanga members get a free site that is made up of multiple blogs, including a weblog, photoblog, videoblog, and audio blog. It also comes with a mini-blog called a “pulse” and your own Xanga social networking profile.
  • They offer many free online communities for their users. You join a specific forum based on your own business or personal interests. The Xanga website gets popular posts featured spots, giving your site or blog even more exposure if your content is featured.
  • They offer excellent security features that allow you to block younger readers for adult content. You also have the option to make certain blog posts accessible by your chosen few. This is a good feature for inter-company blogging.

Tripod online publishing platform

Tripod is not just a hosting service from the creators of the Lycos search engine. This platform is also a blogging content management system (CMS). They don’t offer an open-source software program, but it’s said to offer a large variety of templates designed by professionals. However, Users who choose to remain on the free platform will see Tripod hosted ads on their blogs. which users don’t seem to mind.

  • Tripod members get 20MG of free hosting space. This is more than enough for new users to create blogs and websites for just about any niche.
  • They have a general support group that’s available to help you with your blog. Users ask popular questions and the knowledge base is full of answers, along with the Member Help Blog. In addition, this free content host also has a trouble ticket system where technical support can help you even further.
  • Access to over 200 templates to easily create your website or blog.

Weebly online publishing platform

Weebly is one of the easiest content creators around. Their widget-style interface allows users to create entire websites and blogs with simple “drag-and-drop” of images, text boxes, and other interactive page elements. Easily add as much content to each page as you like. Look at other benefits Weebly users brag about:

  • It’s one of the easiest platforms around for new website builders and bloggers. Create just what you want. No experience is necessary.
  • The free platform offers a non-restricted amount of pages, storage, and bandwidth. The websites and blogs of free hosted accounts get no ads placed on them.
  •  Weebly and Google team up and redesign their system, fully integrated for you to earn more revenue now from your blog or site, with Google Adsense. Which is something only offered by Blogger.

Start publishing content for free

Experienced webmasters use free sites so it’s a good place to start for those new to publishing online.

Get started today, there is no reason not to regardless of your goals, since they do not cost anything,

let me know if you have any questions or comments on how to improve the site or anything else, please.

In the future, I will certainly take any suggestions you make into account.


Best Affiliate Marketing Books

 Best Affiliate Marketing Books

 Best Affiliate Marketing Books

There are so many aspects to starting and running a successful affiliate business online, and there are even more common mistakes that beginners make. An excellent solution is to buy the best affiliate marketing books that are written by industry experts willing to share their knowledge and experience.

Best Affiliate Marketing Book Strategies

It is not absolutely necessary to buy these affiliate marketing books to be successful in this industry.

However, these books can help to save beginners a lot of time and money that can easily

be wasted by learning the same information by trial and error.

These factors alone make it well worth the typically low asking price of a book.

Although there are a lot of different strategies that super affiliates will use to generate their commissions,

most of them agree that it is important to have a website dedicated to promoting products within a particular niche market.

Everything else involved in their strategies can vary greatly from one expert to the next.

The truth is there are actually many various ways to successfully build and market affiliate sites.

Some of the best affiliate marketing books may encourage a specific strategy,

while others are dedicated to teaching a wide variety of information that could help affiliates with different interests.

There is not a wrong or right choice when it comes to deciding which type of marketing.

The course would be best as long as it teaches the necessary strategies that an affiliate needs.

From these strategies, the affiliate will learn to build a site that refers to regular sales.

How to Pick the Best Affiliate Marketing Books

When a beginner is trying to choose a specific book to buy, it is important for them to look for one

that will cover all the essential strategies for affiliate site-building.

Most people just think about what it will take to actually create the site, but there many

other aspects to this industry that will decide whether the site is successful or not.

Best Affiliate Marketing Books

Niche research, keyword research, product selection, domain selection, and site planning.

These are all essential steps that should be taken to build an affiliate site.

Without doing this type of work before building a site, affiliates can easily waste their

time building sites that never get traffic or refer to sales.

In addition to learning key strategies that are needed before a site is started,

they will also need to learn a specific site-building method.

Finally, it is also important to learn how to drive targeted traffic to the site.

A book that can teach a variety of specific marketing tips can give affiliates knowledge.

However, That knowledge will help them to maximize the earnings potential from each site they build.

It is easy to build a ton of sites that receive random traffic, but super affiliates can

often teach strategies to drive a ton of traffic to a single site.

A Determined Affiliate is a Successful Affiliate

Even when a marketer is armed with all the knowledge that can possibly be learned on this subject,

there is one more requirement for success: This is determination.

There is simply not a magic button that someone can push to build a high earning affiliate empire.

Success is only achieved through hard work and persistence, so dedicated and determined marketers

will ultimately be the ones who have long-term success.

Beginners that are ready to learn from experienced, professional marketers should read through

our reviews on the top affiliate marketing books that are recommended for a variety of niche markets.

These reviews will help affiliates choose which book will work best for them based

on the concepts and strategies, they feel like they need to learn.

Super Affiliate Handbook

A highly recommended book for affiliate marketers of any experience level is the Super Affiliate Handbook by Rosalind Gardner,

who has been labeled as the most experienced female affiliate marketer.

This book is truly an all-inclusive guide to success in this industry, covers all the important aspects and much more.

Most importantly, there is a step by step information in this course that shows how to actually build these sites.

This can be a confusing and intimidating topic for beginners that do not have any site design experience.

It is actually pretty simple to do and does not require technical knowledge,

but seeing this process explained is priceless for those inexperienced in this area.

The Super Affiliate Handbook teaches strategies that cover all the necessary aspects

of building a successful affiliate marketing site from start to finish.

This course includes a lot of visual reference for readers, including screenshots and even real, live sites built by the owner.

The screenshots are pictures in the book that show exactly how Rosalind’s strategy works along with her explanations.

Beyond all the general information that someone would expect from this type of book,

the Super Affiliate Handbook also includes some superb tips that may not be expected.

These tips include how to build this site without spending a lot of money,

what super affiliates do that normal affiliates do not do, and the most common mistakes that beginner marketers make.

Amazon Books

Since the best affiliate marketing books on the market are so many, our last recommended review

is for a source of quality books in this genre, Amazon.

Physical books that get shipped to the consumer can be found on Amazon on a wide variety of affiliate marketing related topics.

One of the most popular types of books on Amazon is actually e-books, which are sold for the Amazon Kindle.

Even though these e-books are really tailored to be read on the Kindle, free applications are available from Amazon.

This allows these books to be read on a variety of electronic devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers.

The best part about buying affiliate marketing books from Amazon is customer reviews.

By reading these reviews, potential customers can hear comments from actual readers of the book.

These reviews can help people figure out whether a book really delivers the information it promises, making it worth the money.


Affiliate marketing E-books

Affiliate marketing E-books

Affiliate marketing E-books

There is still no substitute for the kind of deep explanation of a topic that a book can give. With something as extensive as making money online, affiliate marketing e-books are worth reading by anyone with an interest in the business. The following are some popular affiliate marketing e-books on Amazon.

All of these books are free or low priced and have Kindle versions.

In no time, you can be gaining the knowledge offered in any of them and uncovering valuable insights on affiliate marketing online.

Beginners and getting started

Some books to get you started and on your way to a sustainable online income.

As its title states, The Beginners Guide To Affiliate Marketing is geared for those getting into affiliate marketing.

This book uses the author’s experience as a direct sales and marketing consultant and eventual internet marketer.

To layout a path for those who would like to have their own business from home.

Like the book, this plan calls for minimal investment.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners – A No-Nonsense Guide on How to Make Money Online
From common expressions used in affiliate marketing to owning a successful online business, this highly-rated book is a good place to start.

HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE: Learn how to make money from home with my step-by-step

plan to build a $5000 per month passive income website portfolio (of 10 … each)

This is a step-by-step guide that is good for those without any prior experience.

It doesn’t promise to make you rich, but it lays out a plan for a nice online income.

Your First $1000 – How to Start an Online Business that Actually Makes Money
This book promises proven processes that have worked in different niches and markets.

Customer reviews praise this book for its practical advice given in a step-by-step manner.

Affiliate marketing E-books

Affiliate Marketing E-books on Amazon

Amazon is one of the biggest and best affiliate platforms out there and deserves its own special strategies.

Make Money With Amazon Associates is another guide to Amazon’s extensive affiliate marketing program.

It helps marketers with tricks on setting up sites and writing content that will attract sales.

Lots of valuable information for you that skips needless fluff.

Amazon offers one of the best affiliate marketing e-books programs out there.

Also, offers a massive selection of products. With so much to choose from, there are plenty of opportunities in niche marketing.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Those who market online cannot be ignorant of SEO tactics.

Changes in the field only serve to highlight the need to better understand the process

and use it to make the kinds of sites that good for both visitors and search engines.

This book was written to help those wanting to adapt to the new world of search.

It is short but gives a lot of direct and useful advice.

SEO 2015 & Beyond:- Search engine optimization will never be the same again (Webmaster Series)

Written by an SEO expert, this book promises better rankings as fast as possible regardless of the competition level of the niche.

Customer reviews describe it as well laid out, easy to understand and useful.

SEO Made Simple (second edition): Strategies For Dominating The World’s Largest Search Engine

Another book on the Panda update and how Google is trying to focus more on user experience in its rankings.

It promises tips to help you survive and thrive in this environment.

It is short but reviews describe it as layman-friendly and to the point with useful information.

The New Google SEO (Search Engine Optimization): What You Need To Be Successful with Google Panda and Penguin

Social media and marketing

One of the biggest trends in SEO is the increased importance of social media as covered in the following books.

Covering all the big players in social media, this book promises practical information on what you should do on any network.

The book is geared primarily for beginners but has something for everyone for building a brand,

attracting followers and other ways to make the best use of social media.

500 Social Media Marketing Tips: Essential Advice, Hints, and Strategy for Business:

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and More!

A free book that promises to cover all the major social medial points you should know about.

Learn how to plan and to best use the top networks to include Facebook and Twitter. Social Media Marketing for Publishers

An inexpensive book that promised to eliminate the confusion and get you started out right in social media.

Reviews describe it is well-written and useful.

 Social Media Marketing: The Ultimate Guide to Learn Step-by-Step

the Best Social Media Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Business

More Guides And Success Stories For Affiliate Marketing E-books

More marketing advice and books that cover the success stories of those who made it big and emulate their success.

The McGraw-Hill 36-Hour Course: Online Marketing (McGraw-Hill 36-Hour Courses)

It’s set up in a course style and covers different components of online marketing.

These include websites, blogging, analytics, SEO, email marketing and social media marketing.

Lots of practical knowledge to get people started online.

Laptop Lifestyle – How to Quit Your Job and Make a Good Living on the Internet

(Volume 1 – Quick Start Guide to Making Money Online)

Although it certainly is not as easy as the title may imply.

This book does cover a lot of practical knowledge on how to make money in affiliate marketing.

It contains a 4-step process to help people get started generating income online.

Do not expect to be able to quit your job soon, but this ebook has information.

Information that can be useful for those who are not at an advanced level in affiliate marketing.

While this is not solely about affiliate marketing, 

How I Made My First Million on the Internet and How You Can Too!:

The Complete Insider’s Guide to Making Millions with Your Internet Business

helps people to understand internet jargon needed to succeed in online business ventures.

The author covers his story, tools needed, online marketing basics and information on attracting visitors to websites.


Digital products offer the highest commissions in affiliate marketing, and ClickBank is the leader in digital products.

Everyone should consider at least one book on how to market ClickBank products.

Affiliate Marketing E-books For merchants
Merchants also need to know how to best use affiliate marketing so that everyone can do better in the end.

Successful Affiliate Marketing for Merchants provides merchants with the information they need for the

smartest possible affiliate marketing campaigns and top returns for their advertising budgets.

With case studies and proven strategies, it is a must-read for merchants.


How To Find The Right Niche

How To Find The Right Niche.

 Learning how to find the right niche and the best keywords for it is the most important step in the planning phase for any site because building a website starts with finding the right niche, which also happens to be the most difficult thing to change once the site has been started. So, making the right choice involves looking at oneself, finding what people want and understanding keywords.

How To Find The Right Niche

People and passion first

While it is tempting to first look at high-paying keywords and target niches based on them, it is more important to consider people and your passions before anything else.

Building successful websites requires creating the kind of content with insights and solutions to problems that people want.

Those who are building websites on topics they do not have a passion for, and without a target demographic in mind, are going to find it very difficult to create the kind of content people are going to come back to.

While it is not necessary to be an expert on the topic, a desire to learn about it is a must.

It is also important to remember that search engines are increasingly ranking sites on social signals that link sites back to people.

Therefore, the content should be something you are willing to put your name on.

In addition, remember that almost any niche with traffic can be monetized. As long as people come, it is possible to generate revenue.

Therefore, look inward before looking outward when deciding to find the right niche.

Start by writing down all your interests and expertise and look for niches in those areas.

Plus, your career and educational background may also be good areas.

Look to the future

By definition, a niche is a small part of a market, and it is important to stay very focused in the beginning.

However, it is still a good idea not to lock onto too narrow of a niche.

For example, unless you are certain the site will remain small,

a site on dieting should not focus on one particular diet unless it is a very popular one that offers a lot of possible content,

and the domain name should not be so focused it becomes difficult to broaden the site to a wider topic.

In addition, as ranking takes time, make sure the niche has staying power and is not just a fad.

Popularity and potential of the right niche

Of course, there are niches that are just too small to be worth targeting.

Also, the amount of interest there is in the right niche and how much content can be created on it should be taken into consideration.

However, the right niches are those that have problems that people want help with.

Look and see how much content there is on the niche and what problems need solutions.

Places to look include the number of highly-viewed YouTube videos, if there are popular books on the topic

(For Dummies books are a particularly good indicator) as well as how many magazines and major websites there are on the niche.

Other niche potential factors to look at include:

  • The cost per click advertisers are paying (see the keyword tools covered later in this article)
  • Possible income streams: It is nice to be able to monetize a site in different ways and having a variety of products in the niche shows it has problems and product solutions.

In fact, searching popular products that have been around for a while on top sites that offer affiliate products,

to include ClickBank‘s marketplace is one of the best ways to find the right niche ideas.

How To Find The Right Niche


Although competition should not be obsessed over as a lot of traffic can come for keyword phrases the site is not optimized for, it cannot be ignored.
Look at the top ten websites with a search of the main terms.
Obviously, lots of big-name sites and top-level domains are going to be hard to beat.
Look at the sites as well as the number and quality of backlinks.
On the positive side, lots of content and competition indicate the niche generates a lot of interest.
If angles that the competition is missing can be spotted, these can be a great way to succeed regardless of how popular a site may be.


The final step to finding the right niche and planing a site is keywords, and the number of them found is another good indicator of niche popularity.

Understanding long-tail keywords are the most important.

These are keyword phrases of three or more words that people use when searching the internet.

For example, someone looking for specific information on widgets is likely to use at least a couple of words in their search.

This is because they are looking for specific results and simply searching for the word “widgets”

will probably not deliver exactly what they are looking for quickly.

If they are looking for “red sturdy widgets,” they are likely to use the entire phrase in their search to narrow the results.

Furthermore, it is extremely difficult to get to the top pages in search results for a single, competitive word like widgets.

The right long-tail keywords phrases are usually much easier to rank for, so,

those building new sites need to find these keywords before they start.

 Do keyword research for the right niche

To find these keywords, Click keyword research tools to use one of the following

From free to paid tools, there are plenty to choose from and they offer ways to find long-tail keywords

and provide useful information about the keywords such as the number of searches they get and what they cost advertisers in paid searches.

However, the most important info they offer is on the strength of competition one will face

when trying to rank on the top of the search engine results pages for those keywords.

While it is not a perfect indication of how much competition there is for the specified keywords,

they do give one a pretty good idea of how difficult or easy it will be to rank for them.

JaaxyHow To Find The Right Niche, in particular, is a very extensive tool offering more in-depth analysis of keywords to enable users to make the best choices possible as well as various other SEO tools

How to do niche keyword research

Once the theme of the site has been decided, keywords need to be selected on criteria to include the following:

The number of searches: Keywords that have few searches generally have less competition.

However, if the keyword phrase does not get at least a few hundred searches a month,

it may not be worth optimizing for even if the competition is very low.

Use [Phrase] or [Exact] match in the searches as [Broad] will be misleading.


To find the right niche this has two major factors:

The first is the number of websites that contain the keyword phrase.

The second, and usually more important factor, is the number of websites that are optimized for the keyword phrase.

Professional keyword tools will give both figures as well as another that will combine them to give a good feel of the competition.

It is also can be smart to do a web search of the keyword phrase and look at the sites that come upon the

top with tools to include those offered by SEOmoz to gain more knowledge of what the competition is like as well as what they are doing.

How well the long-tail keywords fit the theme of the site: 

Every site needs to have a theme and the content all should be related to it in some way.

The best sites have the main theme divided into small sub-themes or categories (learn more about it in categorize siloing).

This will give the site better search engine rankings and make it more popular with visitors.

Overall goals:

 While almost every site should start with some easier, long-tail keywords in mind,

it is not always advisable to go for the low-hanging fruit.

Tho goal needs to be to create good content for the user and shying away

from topics just because they appear hard to rank for will distract from this.

Besides, the search engine game is always changing, and it is impossible to know what a site will really rank for.

Keyword research is only providing a hint.

A few little secrets to find the right niche keyword research

While it is important to do research when choosing keywords, it is not a good idea to overdo it for several reasons:

Spending too much time on keyword research can waste valuable time that could better be used to create content for visitors.

Keyword research can only give a general idea of how difficult it will be to rank for the keywords.

Especially with the search engines changing their algorithms, sometimes those

keywords that should have been easy become tough and vice versa.

Over half of the keyword phrases used in real searches never show up in keyword tools!

Therefore, most traffic for anyone site will be for combinations of keywords that the site is not even optimized for.

With this in mind, keyword research should be thought of more as a way

to find out what people are looking for and as ideas to create content.

There will never be an exact formula for ways to find the right niche.

However, by looking at oneself and interests first, and then examining competition

and keywords, possibilities for everyone can be found.

If you have any questions or comments on how to improve the site or anything else, please let me know.

I would like nothing better than to hear from you. In the future, I will certainly take any suggestions you make into account.


Article Submission Software

  Article Submission Software

Article submission software remains to be one of the most effective strategies that can help your article marketing build your credibility in your chosen niche as well as provide valuable one-way backlinks and targeted traffic to your sites, however, article marketing can be quite a tedious job.

Aside from writing the article (or having it written for you), you need to create author accounts and submit your articles to the various article directories. This task is manageable if you only have a handful of directories to submit your articles too but what if you want to submit them to hundreds of directories? How can you possibly take care of it all?

The answer – use an article submission software to help you choose the right article submitter that fits your needs, you may want to compare the features of the top article submission software in the market today. Here are some of them:

Article Submission Software ReviewArticle Marketing Robot

Article Marketing Robot (AMR) is considered by some online marketers to be the most effective submission software for article marketing. Using this program, you can:

Automate the task of creating and confirming author accounts.

AMR reportedly has one of the highest success rates when it comes to account creation.

Moreover, you don’t even have to worry about filling in all those captchas – AMR can take care of it automatically.

Submit your articles to about 2000 article directories.

As a result, you will get a lot of backlinks and generate more traffic to your sites.

AMR also updates its article directory database regularly so you don’t have to worry about outdated links.

You can blast your articles all over the web.

AMR allows you to schedule when you want to submit your articles.

Google implemented recent changes with regards to link velocity that can be very valuable.

Google now gives more value to backlinks created over a period of time rather than those that are created in one go.

Come up with unique versions of your articles.

AMR has a built-in article spinner so you can spin your articles prior to submitting them to various directories.

It can spin articles on synonym, sentence and paragraph level so you don’t have to worry about it being discredited by Google.

Upload your articles to all your WordPress niche blogs.

Easily find your published articles with its live URL reporting feature.

Convert your links to RSS so you can submit them to various RSS directories.

AMR comes with a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee.

Article Demon

Article Demon works in almost the same way as AMR does.

It allows for automated account creation, lets you add your own article directories into the database.

Retrieve live URLs of your published articles and save them in a CSV file.

Ping your links, and even allows for contextual linking.

The software also allows you to choose the most appropriate category for your articles,

lets you submit your articles over a specified period of time, and choose your submission speed.

Additionally, Article Demon comes with its own article spinner and rewriter.

Submit unique articles to each directory you choose.

Article Demon also comes with lifetime free upgrades and a 60-day money-back guarantee.

You can be sure that you have your investment well protected.

Brad Callen’s Article Submitter

Brad Callen’s Free Article Submitter comes in three versions – Free, Gold and Platinum.

Free Article Submitter gives you access to more than a hundred article directory submission sites.

Gold version grants you access to about 700 article directories.

The free version comes at an unbeatable price ($0), it is still not yet fully automated.

You have to manually select the directory you want to submit your article to.

Hit the ‘Submit’ button after you are satisfied that the submission fields are all completely and accurately filled up.

If you are using the Gold version, you basically have to go through the same process,

but you will have more article submission sites at your disposal.

On the other hand, the Platinum version is fully automated.

However, you can submit your articles to hundreds of article directories with a single click of your mouse.

Instant Article Submission Software

What can Instant Article Submitter do to help you with your article marketing campaign?

Much like AMR, Instant Article Submitter (IAS) facilitates one-click account registration, allows for scheduled article submission,

and gives a detailed report on your submission status.

Additionally, IAS also offers the following features:

Image verification support.

This feature allows you to submit your articles to directories requiring captchas without having to fill in any codes.

Category selection.

Choose the appropriate category for your articles to increase the chances of having them accepted with the software.

Directory selection.

You can choose the directories you want to submit your article through IAS.

It currently has 206 directories in its database, but you can add your own directories if you want to.

You can also save the directories you selected and retrieve them whenever you want.

Resource bio inclusion.

If you are submitting your articles to directories that do not have an author’s bio section,

IAS will automatically add it to the end of your articles.

Instant Article Creator.

Write good quality articles quicker with Instant Article Creator, a software that comes with ISA

While some naysayers claim that article marketing is dead with changes in search engine algorithms.

Instant article creator remains to be an effective tactic that can help improve a site’s ranking.

Also, bringing in direct visitors who follow the links in the articles.

In fact, with the crackdown on black hat SEO methods, article marketing may actually increase with good articles.

With varied links and anchor and responsible submissions, article marketing can only help with visitors and rankings.

If you have any questions or comments on how to improve the site or anything else, please let me know.

In the future, I will certainly take any suggestions you make into account.


Writing the Best Product Reviews

Writing the Best Product Reviews

Writing the Best Product Reviews

Writing the best product reviews can be one of the most effective tools in any online marketer’s arsenal. They perform a better job in converting visitors to buyers than conventional sales letters since they are written in the pretext of providing balanced information on all the good and not-so-good points of a particular product. By writing an honest product review, the online marketer becomes his readers’ friend. The writer is there to recommend products that can provide solutions to his readers’ problems while keeping them away from products that will not.

Product reviews can be extremely powerful.

According to WebProNews.com, 9 out of 10 people in the US read product reviews before buying anything online or offline.

While 7 out of 10 online shoppers actively search for product reviews before making a purchase.

Given these figures, it is safe to say that using product reviews in promoting products can definitely improve an affiliate marketer’s profits.

Types of product reviews

There are several types of product reviews.

Online marketers can use a brief overview review to give their readers an idea of how similar products stack up against each other at a single glance.

They can also write a comprehensive review to discuss the features and benefits of the product in great detail.

Feature list reviews and negative reviews are also discussed below.

Whatever the type of review, you should know both the product and the audience.

Purchase or get an evaluation copy of the product whenever possible.

Research the audience for the product and know what problems they need to solve.

Most reviews present the problem and how the product solves it.

Brief overview

This type of review usually makes use of star ratings alongside each product.

Readers can readily see how they compare against each other without really getting into great detail.

Such reviews are generally one to two paragraphs long and include a link to the merchant site.

This lets readers learn more about the products should they choose to do so.

This type of review is best for those who are merely browsing around and are trying to know what products are currently available at the market.

As they are not yet ready to buy anything, providing them with a brief overview can be the wisest thing to do at this stage.

Tip: In using this type of review, don’t fall into the trap of giving all the products a five-star rating since this will look quite unrealistic.

Maintain a semblance of honesty by sharing the good and bad points of each product.

However, if you just want to recommend products that get your approval, make sure your readers know of your intentions.

Comprehensive review

The opposition to the brief overview is the comprehensive review.

The comprehensive review goes to great lengths in discussing all the features and benefits that can be derived from a particular product along with its downsides and limitations.

While this may be quite effective in securing sales under certain circumstances (such as when used as a landing page for PPC campaigns).

In attracting organic traffic from the search engines, an in-depth review is often less effective than brief reviews.

Here are some reasons why:

(A) It may not be as good as the original merchant’s sales page. In this case, the review may not be able to score a sale.

(B) It may be written so well that the readers don’t feel the urge to check the merchant’s sales page to know more about the product.

The problem here is that they may not use your affiliate link to get to the merchant’s site, even if they decide to buy it.

In addition, since the review offered an in-depth look into the product.

Readers may instantly decide that the product is not exactly what they are looking for.

Either way, you lose your chance of making a sale.

As a general rule, comprehensive reviews should only be used if the merchant has an extremely poor landing page.

Remember, it is the affiliate marketers’ job to pre-sell the product and encourage their visitors to visit the original merchant’s site.

Writing the Best Product Reviews

Feature list or comparison chart review

The feature list review takes several products side-by-side and compares those using ticks and crosses.

Such reviews are most effective when used to gently lead readers into buying a particular product with apparently the best features without giving the impression of being unbiased.

Negative review

Negative reviews can be quite effective in securing affiliate sales and may even outperform most enthusiastic reviews.

They can effectively attract readers’ attention since people are also interested to know the downsides of a particular product, especially one that is being extensively promoted by other affiliate marketers.

Negative reviews don’t necessarily mean bagging on or openly criticizing a particular product. Rather, this type of review work by initially providing a negative slant to a product and then turning the tables around to show it in a more positive light.

General tips in writing product reviews

Here are some suggestions to enhance the effectiveness of product reviews:

Writing the Best Product Reviews(A) Include an image and/or video of the product being reviewed:

This can help the readers connect the product with the article and make them want to know more about it.

(B) Describe the product in great detail:

People want to know what exactly they will be getting so list the features and benefits as well as the limitations of the product.

Include any personal thoughts and experiences whenever possible.

(C) Describe who the product is for:

Remember that there is no one product that can cater to everyone’s needs so don’t even try to sell a product using this point of view.

(D) Provide proof:

Most people are becoming wary of product review sites because they believe that such sites are biased and are merely there to make a quick buck from unsuspecting people.

To turn things around, provide some solid proof with concrete examples that you are personally using the product, and that it works.

(E) Point out the negatives:

Letting your readers know the apparent and perceived limitations of the product can help enhance your credibility as an online marketer.

Remember, your main task is to help readers make an informed decision, whether they should buy a particular product or not.

However, you can still turn this around by providing a reason why such limitations shouldn’t keep them from buying the product or by providing solutions to the perceived flaws and limitations of the product.

(F) Provide a clear and enticing call-to-action:

Make it easy for your readers to know what they should do next after reading your review.

Keep in mind that the clearer your instructions are, the higher your chances of making a sale.

(G) Don’t be too formal:

Writing product reviews in a more casual style as anything overly formal will sound dry and too impersonal.

However, be careful to use proper grammar.

(H) Choose the best keyword phrase:

A product review may be optimized for the product being promoted or for a particular problem that the product addresses.

(I) Write reviews on what not to buy:

To give readers the impression that you are providing objective reviews, make it a point to write negative reviews about certain products from time to time.

(J) Don’t make things up:

If a product isn’t worth promoting, then don’t.

Do not fall into the temptation of promoting products just for making a quick sale or two.

Remember that at the end of the day, your credibility is far more important.

Since there is a shortage of good reviews on the internet, learning how to write proper products review can bring impressive results.

Try it and see for yourself how it can improve your profits.

If you have any questions or comments on how to improve the site or anything else, please let me know.

In the future, I will certainly take any suggestions you make into account.


Top Keyword Research Tools

Find the Top Keyword Research Tools

keyword research tools and techniques

Find the Top Keyword Research Tools

If you want to be more successful in your online business endeavors, you need to know what your customers are looking for – and that’s precisely how top keyword research tools can help you.

Without keyword research, you are just shooting into the dark. You need to know what people are looking for.

In addition to the actual keywords, keyword research tools provide a wealth of other information about the keywords to include how often they are searched, competition, their cost per click and so on.

The right keyword research tool can do a good deal to make your work a lot easier and more productive.

There are a number of tools, both free and paid, and each provides different benefits.

Here’s a rundown of the most popular keyword research tools and what you can get from using them.

Market Samurai

( $149 one-time payment; Free Trial version available) market samurai review
Market Samurai, without a doubt, is one of the best keyword research tools on the market today.

This desktop application that works seamlessly with Mac and Windows PC lets marketers dig up and save loads of keywords in a very organized fashion.

More than just providing a concrete idea on what keywords generate the most searches.

Market Samurai takes things a notch higher and provides you with the PPC

(current bid prices and advertisers, estimated clicks per day), SEO and other analyses of each keyword.

Market Samurai’s various other tools, including the SEO Competition tool and Rank Tracker tool, are also very useful.

By using these tools, you will know how your keywords rank in the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing).

Which sites are ranking for keywords and a wealth of data on those sites.

This is extremely important if you want to keep an eye on your SEO efforts and see what the competition is doing.

Market Samurai comes with some other bonus tools that can help you find profitable domains and backlink opportunities.

It can also guide you in your article marketing and social networking efforts as well as in uncovering affiliate programs and products in Amazon, ClickBank, Commission Junction, and PayDotCom.

If these are still not enough, Market Samurai comes with a landing page generator so you can create your own affiliate landing pages without sweating it out.

On top of all these, Market Samurai comes with a 30-day guarantee, free updates for life and priority email support.

Keyword Researcher ($47.00) one time fee

Keyword Researcher promises to help you find low-competition, long-tail keywords that you would never find by using Google’s keyword tool alone.

By using this application, you can find ‘how to’ and other question keywords quite easily.

Moreover, Keyword Researcher can help you find suitable titles, subtitles and anchor text that you can use in your articles. Find the Top Keyword Research Tools

It offers a neat and unique way of finding keyword phrases containing a particular word or phrase.

Just include the ” * ” symbol before, between or after the keyword(s) you want related keyword phrases for. For example, a search of “keywords * keywords” will return phrases to include “keywords vs meta keywords.”

As this product is offered through ClickBank, your purchase comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Top Keyword Research ToolsKeyword Spy (Free Trial)

By using Keyword Spy’s Keyword Research Tool, you can easily uncover who your competitors are and the keywords they are using (both in their PPC campaigns and in attracting organic traffic from the search engines).

It has an ROI calculator to help you identify the most profitable keyword and ad copy combinations so you can eliminate the need to do your own testing.

However, its rich keyword database (currently estimated at about 127 million).

Plus, its relative ease of use are probably the best thing Keyword Spy users love about this application.

SpyFu ($33/month fee or $399/year (Saves $69)

SpyFu is not simply a keyword research tool. In fact, it works better as a competitive research tool since it provides data that can be used in ‘spying’ on your competition.

It has a suite of tools designed to determine the top keywords and daily PPC budgets of your competition.

It can also provide you with the ad history, best-performing ads and landing page destination URL of your competition.

Additionally, you can use it to discover your competition’s SEO rankings as well as the domain history of a particular domain name.

By using SpyFu, you can also uncover the Top 100 most expensive Adsense keywords – a great feature if you use Adsense on your pages.

While you can use SpyFu without having to subscribe to their monthly or annual plans, getting a subscription increases the volume of the data that you can uncover.

SpyFu offers a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the results you are getting.

Top Keyword Research Tool Keyword Discovery

By using Keyword Discovery, its creators guarantee that you can increase traffic to your sites, optimize your website content and Meta tags, and maximize revenues from your PPC campaigns.

This application offers global and regional keyword databases, industry and niche-specific databases, as well as eBay and Shopping keywords databases all under the same roof.

You can also use it to uncover who your competitors are along with their top-performing keywords.

Plus, compare them to the keywords you are using on your site, discover the historical trends of up to five keywords at a time, and help you uncover profitable domain names, among others.

Some other features include seasonal search trends, spelling mistake research, KEI analysis, keyword density analysis, and a domain researcher tool. You can only unlock its full potential after subscribing to one of their subscription plans.

WordTracker Top Keyword Research Tool

According to its creator, WordTracker can help you choose the best keywords for your business.

More than just providing you with the number of searches, WordTracker provides a KEI indicator for each of the keywords found in its vast database. Also, it keeps track of your keyword rankings on Google.

It also provides an accurate measurement of the strength of your competition so you’ll know where you should focus your efforts on improving your own sites.

WordTracker comes with a 7-day free trial so you can test drive the system to see if you’ll like it before signing up for a paid subscription plan.

Google Keyword Tool ($0)

If you need a free but powerful keyword tool, then the Google Adwords Keyword External Tool must be the one you are looking for.

The abundance of data you can extract by using this free service and the relative ease by which you can do this makes

Apart from being perfect, this online tool very useful for newbies and advanced marketers alike.

SEO Book Keyword Selection Tool ($0)

By simply registering for a free account, you can unleash the potentials of SEO Book‘s Keyword Selection Tool.

This tool does more than just provide you with a list of keywords and the number of searches.

It can also do a vertical search to determine if people are talking about your niche topic.

Keyword Organizer

However you obtain your keywords, you are likely to have trouble knowing exactly what you have and keeping related keywords together.

As a solution, the Keyword Organizer was created as a tool to help you better organize and manage all your keywords.

For example, you can import keywords from different sources and easily filter them into related groups.

This not only helps with article ideas, but it also makes the articles better as they become easier to write and more complete.

Find more details and screenshots at Keyword Organizer.

If you have any questions or comments on how to improve the site or anything else, please let me know.

In the future, I will certainly take any suggestions you make into account.


Long-Tail Keywords and Phrase Match

Long-Tail Keywords and Phrase Match

Long-Tail Keywords and Phrase Match

Long-tail keywords and phrase matches have been useful in online marketing for some time now and are only likely to grow in importance as the web gets bigger and more diverse. Understanding how Long-tail keywords and phrase match work and how to find them is a very effective way to bring in more web traffic with less time and effort.

What are long-tail keywords?

Long-tail keywords are strings of words people use in online searches.

Unlike “head” terms, which are used very frequently, long-tail keywords are not used as often.

However, they generally have much less competition and are easier to rank for.

For example, someone looking for specific information on stain removal from clothing might use the phrase

“how to remove grease stains from blue jeans” rather than just head terms to include “stain removal” or “grease stain removal.”

While long-tail keywords are generally longer strings of keywords as the name implies, they can include shorter phrases with fewer searches.

Why long-tail is growing in importance

Increasingly, people are expecting exact and fast answers to their search queries.

For example, someone searching for how to remove stains from their jeans is not going to want to have to look through more general info on stain removal to get what they need.

This is especially true for those using smaller screens and voice recognition.

They want to be able to speak an entire question into their phone and find a quick answer.

To meet this demand, Google and other search engines are going to find ways to increasingly make long-tail a part of their algorithms.

The advantages of long-tail keywords for marketers
As they do not have nearly as much competition, long-tail phrases can give even a new site a chance to rank.

In addition, as those using long-tail keywords in their searches have made their intent clear, it is much easier to give them the content they want.

This is especially important when buying PPC advertising as:

  • Those clicking on the links will be much more likely to become paying customers.
  • Long-tail keywords usually have much lower bids.

Exact and broad phrase match

The exact and broad phrase match resembles long-tail and head terms in some ways and also should be understood.

Keyword research tools will usually give both broad and exact phrase matches.

Broad match in web searches are those results returned when people search by more general words and shorter phrases.

They also can be seen when search engines deliver results based more on what sites are popular than what the exact phrase searched for was.

Exact phrase match occurs when search engines deliver homepages with phrases that exactly match what the person searching typed in.

This is important for two reasons:

  • The traffic from exact searches is more targeted. Thus, the person searching is likely to stay on the site for longer and utilize its services.
  • It is much easier to rank higher in the search engines for these long-term keywords than more broad searches.

Finding long-tail keywords and phrase match

In addition to using keyword research tools, there are a number of effective ways to uncover long-tail keywords to include the following:

Long-Tail Keywords and Phrase Match

Use Google Suggest and Ubersuggest:
Type in the head keyword phrase into your Google search box and see what longer phrases are suggested.

For the same information in a form that can be easily downloaded, use free Ubersuggest.

Spy on the competition: There is nothing wrong with getting ideas from competitors. Sites to include SpyFU and Keyword Spy make it easy to see what competitors are ranking for and bidding on.

Look at your Analytics data: Seeing how visitors are coming to your site can be even useful.

As everyone using Google Analytics should know, it gives data on what keywords people type to find your site.

Often, you will find people coming to your site for long-tails you have not even optimized for.

Targeting these and related keyword phrases is a great way to find both what your visitors want and what you can most easily rank for.

Use Related Searches: Related Searches will show related keywords on the bottom of the search results page.

Long-Tail Keywords and Phrase Match

New sites, long-tail keywords, and phrase match

Newer and smaller sites usually have little chance of getting traffic from broad match search results.

These results heavily favor established sites with a lot of content, links, and traffic.

However, it is a much different story with long-tail keywords and exact phrase matches.

When a site is optimized for these keyword phrases and has links containing them in the anchor text,

it has a good chance of outranking much more established sites in those exact match searches.

There are a much greater number of broad match searches and results than exact match.

However, an exact match can still provide good traffic depending on the keywords.

Therefore, the best strategy usually centers on first concentrating on the long-tail keywords.

In time, as the site becomes more established with more links, content, traffic and page rank,

it will start to receive more of the broad match traffic too.

Long-Tail Keywords and Phrase Match

Organize and categorize

Even when a site is new and only has a few pages, it is important to have a plan for how it will be organized in the future when it has more content.

With the intended keywords and goal in mind, organize the future content into categories.

This process, known as siloing, is important for both user experience and search engine optimization. Websites need to be laid out and organized so that search engines and visitors know what they are about and can navigate them quickly.

The user experience

For any site to become popular, it has to deliver value to the users and it is unlikely a site based entirely on long-tail keywords can do this very effectively.

For this reason, and to make building the site more interesting, it is advisable to create at least some content based around what is useful and informative in the niche and not necessarily with any keywords in mind.

Content of this kind of will help bring users back and bring in the natural linking that is so important for a site to really move up in search engine rankings.

Long-tail keywords, broad and exact matches as well as the user experience all come together for a successful website. Be sure to understand them thoroughly before building a site.

If you have any questions or comments on how to improve the site or anything else, please let me know. I would like nothing better than to hear from you. In the future, I will certainly take any suggestions you make into account.