Bitcoin Dominance – All-time Highs

Bitcoin Dominance Hits All-time Highs In 2019
Bitcoin Dominance Hits All-time Highs In 2019


New data shows Bitcoin’s dominance over altcoins is higher than ever as bitcoin price rebounded massively this year. Above all, BTC/USD remained strong since early spring as pressure builds in the trade war between China and the United States. 

The Bitcoin price rally came after global stock markets suffered and as they continue to struggle to avoid a recession.

As a result, China devalued its own yuan currency below $7, causing a huge flow of money out of the currency.

It appears a great deal of that money flowed into bitcoin.

In contrast, Altcoins have seen their hope for a rally disappear over and over again.

The majority have been outperformed this year by Bitcoin.

It’s seeming more and more likely that Bitcoin’s market cap dominance. In other words, from its 2018 all-time low of 35% to 68.4% (a more than two-year high).

The current bitcoin price

The current bitcoin price movement is strengthening the sentiment of the cryptocurrency’s use as a hedging instrument.

Bitcoin was initially designed to reduce dependence on the centralized financial system.

 We are seeing a bitcoin price increase as news of geopolitical and financial instability reaches investors. 

 CNBC echoed these sentiments when the CEO of consultancy firm Agecroft Partners Don Seinbrugged praised Bitcoin’s hedging properties, saying:-

Above all, “Bitcoin is  going to be here for a long time and long term I think it will be part of a lot of hedge funds’ portfolios.”

Most analysts are in agreement that an early 2020 price target of $14,000 is very realistic.

Trader Josh Rager said on his Telegram channel “Bitcoin is clear skies on the weekly and monthly chart. For example, not much standing in the way” of another bull run.

It seems that crypto, along with gold, is increasing its appeal to the masses as

a safe haven of wealth as stocks start to show signs of a downturn.


Bitcoin dominance is nearly at the 70% level, with it currently possessing a 68.8% share. Moreover, the total market cap is up by 3.5% ($327bn) and the overall volume is down by 31% ($61.6bn) on the previous week. 

Furthermore, Bitcoin is up by 3.9%, Ethereum by 3.1%, XRP is down by 3.8% and EOS is up by 0.6%.

The best performers among the top-30 crypto were Crypto.com Chain (31.5%), Tezos (26.7%), and Monero (14.4%).

After a volatile start to the week, coins were stabilizing towards the end,

with total market cap ranging in a small 6% channel.

Above all, TD Ameritrade’s ErisX announced that the CFTC (U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission),

granted it a derivative clearing organization (DCO) license.

This license acts as a secondary approval on top of their existing designated contract market (DCM) license.

However, With these approvals, the company can now launch crypto futures products under the watch of the U.S. regulator.

At a recent blockchain summit in Taipei, the CEO of Binance announced.

Even more, The exchanged will soon launch a futures trading platform with leverage up to 20x.

Bitfinex has announced that the outstanding loan worth $100m from Tether has been fully repaid.


Stock markets all over the world saw waves of buying and selling early this week. However, Threats from both Beijing and Washington raised more fears of a global economic slowdown. 

The Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P 500, and the Nasdaq Composite all bounced around, Therefore, bringing them essentially even to where they were a year ago at this time.

The hardest-hit industries were industrial and technology companies that rely on global trade.

Similarly, Facebook, Apple, and Google parent company Alphabet each fell over 3%.

 Traders showed their belief that there’s more instability to come.

However, the Cboe Volatility’s largest Index’s in one-day grew 40%, since October.


The combination of interest rate cuts, geopolitical uncertainty, and

bearish markets make it an ideal time to invest in Gold.

Moreover, The precious metal has not only seen continued growth this year.

It’s the ideal storage of wealth in volatile markets like these.

 FXTM senior research analyst Lukman Otunuga said:

 “Gold is positioned to remain one of the prime destinations of safety this week.

The horrible US-China trade disputes and global growth concerns boost appetite for safe-haven assets,”.

Technically speaking, Gold’s picture is currently very bullish, and there are no indications that will change in the near future.

Obviously, now is the time to take advantage of the rising price of gold and protect yourself from stock market volatility.

Indicators show these bullish trends will continue in the gold markets, with an excellent opportunity for immediate growth.

Providing protection for your assets against future economic downturns.

Finally, don’t miss out on this opportunity. Act now and reap the benefits.

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