How To Drink Less Alcohol – Perfect Holiday Solution For All

How to drink less alcohol

Drink Less, Live More

How To Drink Less Alcohol

Let’s face it… many drinkers don’t know how to drink less alcohol at Christmas because it’s just not part of the tradition this time of year.

But maybe there is a part of you that wants to drink less alcohol and enjoy this Christmas?
Like my friend Georgia who knew she was drinking too much and used to dread Christmas.

Here is her story:

My name is Georgia, and I was a nightmare when I drank!
I spent way too many days with horrible hangovers, memory loss, and family and friends recounting my embarrassing behavior!
I needed to find a way to manage my alcohol rather than it managing me. After many years of tireless research, re-training, I came up with a solution based system, so I don’t have those embarrassing moments anymore!
And the good news is… I know a seven-day secret tip to drink less alcohol
and enjoy it and now I love Christmas time too.
I understand people think there’s only one way to deal with a drinking problem, i.e. stand up in a room full of strangers, tell them you have a problem, and then vow that you’ll never drink again for the rest of your life.
I wasn’t one of those people and most of us aren’t either BUT sometimes we just need a little help and that’s why I created 7 Days to Drink Less.
With my guidance and the benefits from drinking less alcohol, you can take back control of your drinking life that doesn’t involve delving deep into your past, spending years in therapy, or sticking to non-alcoholic drinks.
The truth is that you don’t need to write off booze completely…

You simply need to change your relationship with alcohol!

How To Drink Less Alcohol

Glass of Beer

It does not matter if you are a stay at home Mom or Dad, a stressed executive or a builder, this life-changing system is for YOU!
Through my own issues and journey, I subsequently created 7 Days to Drink Less and I’ve helped people all over the world discover how to drink less alcohol without having to quit!
Trying to outright resist something only leads to stronger temptation and the answer is never to just ignore it.
Rather than just deleting alcohol from your life, you’ll discover the benefits of drinking less alcohol and how to build a completely new relationship with alcohol.
So if you fancy enjoying this Christmas with a glass or two in your hand without the guilt, the shame and the hangovers but still enjoy what you drink.
Are you ready for a way to cut down your drinking NOW ready for Christmas that doesn’t include guilt trips, interventions, and weekly meetings, not to mention the excess belly fat from excessive calories from alcohol?

All things considered, please let me know what you think about this topic in the comment section below and I hope it can be of some help.

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Effects Of Alcohol On Internal Organs – Stop The Effects

Effects Of Alcohol On Internal Organs

Effects Of Alcohol On The Stomach

The effects of alcohol on the stomach are extremely dangerous that it

becomes unable to produce the natural digestive fluid in sufficient quantity and

also fails to absorb the food which it may imperfectly digest.

In addition, a condition marked by the sense of nausea emptiness, prostration and distention will always be faced by an alcoholic.

This results in a loathing for food and is teased with a craving for more drink.

Thus, there is engendered a permanent disorder which is called dyspepsia and the disastrous forms of confirmed indigestion originate by this practice.

Effects Of Alcohol On The Liver.

The organic deterioration caused by the continued use of alcohol is often of a fatal character.

However, the organ which most frequently undergoes structural changes from alcohol is the liver.

Normally, the liver has the capacity to hold active substances in its cellular parts.

In instances of poisoning by various poisonous compounds, we analyze the liver as if it were the central depot of the foreign matter.

It is also, practically the same with respect to alcohol.

An alcoholic liver is never free from the influence of alcohol and it is too often saturated with it because the minute membranous or capsular structure of the liver gets affected, preventing proper dialysis and free secretion.

While the liver becomes large due to the dilatation of its vessels, the surcharge of fluid matter and the thickening of tissue.

This follows the contraction of the membrane and shrinking of the whole organ in its cellular parts.

Then the lower parts of the alcoholic becomes dropsical owing to the obstruction offered to the returning blood by the veins.

The structure of the liver may be charged with fatty cells and undergo what is technically designated ‘fatty liver’.

Effects Of Alcohol On Internal Organs

Effects Of Alcohol On The Kidney.

Kidneys also suffer due to the excessive consumption of alcohol, at the same time, the kidney vessels lose elasticity and power of contraction because the minute structures in them go through fatty modification.

As a result, albumin from the blood easily passes through their membranes and this results in the body losing its power as if it were being run out of blood gradually.

Effects Of Alcohol On The Lung.

Alcohol relaxes the vessels of the lungs easily as they are most exposed to the fluctuations of heat and cold.

However, when subjected to the effects of a rapid variation in atmospheric temperature, they get readily congested.

It is during severe winter seasons, that the suddenly fatal congestion of the lungs easily affects an alcoholic.

Effects Of Alcohol On Internal Organs

Effects Of Alcohol On The Heart.

Consumption of alcohol greatly affects the heart too.

Here’s why?

The quality of the membraneous structures which cover and line the heart changes and are thickened, become cartilaginous or calcareous.

Then the valves lose their suppleness and what is termed valvular disorder becomes permanent.

The structure of the coats of the great blood-vessel leading from the heart share in the same changes of structure so that the vessel loses its

elasticity and its power to feed the heart by the recoil from its distention, after the heart, by its stroke, has filled it with blood.

Again, the muscular structure of the heart fails owing to degenerative changes in its tissue.

The elements of the muscular fiber are replaced by fatty cells or, if not so replaced, are themselves transferred into a modified muscular texture in which the power of contraction is greatly reduced.

Those who suffer from this organic deterioration of the central and governing organ of the circulation of the blood learn the fact so insidiously,

it hardly breaks upon them until the mischief is far advanced.

They are conscious of a central failure of power from slight causes such as overexertion, trouble, broken rest or too long abstinence from food.

They feel what they call a ‘sinking’ but they know that wine or some other stimulant will at once relieve the sensation.

Thus, they seek to relieve it until at last, they discover that the remedy fails.

The jaded, overworked, faithful heart will bear no more.

It has run its course and the governor of the blood-streams broken.

The current either overflows into the tissues gradually damming up the courses or under some slight shock or excess of motion ceases wholly at the center.

Please let me know what you think about this topic in the comment section below and I hope it can be of some help.

You can also check out my post How to drink less alcohol.

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Benefits of Boxing Training for Fitness- Improve Your Health

Boxing Training


Benefits Of Boxing Training For Fitness

First of all, you can improve your health and have a physically fit body by getting into boxing training for fitness programs.
Why? because this is the best way for you to have a stronger body and gain confidence.
For this reason, boxing workouts can help you to be at your best fighting form as well.

Now many people see positive results from boxing training routines. As a matter of fact, you will build stronger and more defined arms and legs.
Thus, these boxing training for fitness programs and classes also help you to gain a sense of inner strength and emotional balance.

Boxing Training Classes

Boxing Classes

Benefits Of Boxing Workouts

Boxing workout classes got across to the mainstream of physical fitness training some years back.
Accordingly, they have seen the benefits of boxing workouts with the cardiovascular and toning of the muscles.
Tae bo work out videos also popularized these boxing and kickboxing exercises.

Cardio boxing workout classes and the innovative variations of the sparring jabs, power punches, defense, and fitness have all blends of aerobics exercises.
You will learn the proper execution of the punch and kick combinations for a more intensive workout that can help you become stronger and more confident.

The combinations you perform on the blocks, jabs, and kicks are executed better with the benefits of a workout partner.
You may see classes where participants throw punches and kicks on the air to an imagined opponent and you will also find training camps that have quality equipment such as punching bags, boxing training pads and you may also have the option of getting a workout partner that has padded hands.

Cardio kick boxing

Kick Boxing

Cardio kickboxing workouts

You may also enjoy more benefits aside from the physical aspects of boxing training.
Cardio kickboxing workouts allow you to burn out 350 to 500 calories in just an hour.
It also helps to maintain the heart rate at 75 percent to 85 percent regular beat.
This has been proven to be good and is the recommended range if you are exercising or into training.

Moreover, these boxing training for fitness classes improves your speed, resistance, and strength.
Flexibility and the reflexes of the muscles are also enhanced.
Repetitive motion on arms by sparring and jogging while you punch helps your arms and legs gain strength and power.

These workouts also enable your joint movements to build very efficient fitness results.
These movements require you to develop balance and coordination that enables your body to be stable and maintain a good form.

Physical Fitness Training


Boxing Fitness Results

These physical benefits you gain from boxing and kickboxing fitness results are just a few of the many benefits that they can provide.
You will be able to learn more about defense mechanism skills, which you may use in case of unwanted instances.
You will also feel satisfaction when you punch or kick. Your relaxation and self-motivation are also developed.

You will feel a sigh of relief and feel that you are released from stressed.

It also helps you to get rid of that anger that is inside of you and once these things are releases, you may feel lightness into your body and peace of mind as well.

Many aerobic and fitness experts recommend a boxing training schedule for beginners.
It allows you to work out on your desired pace and body condition.
The benefits you’ll get from the boxing workouts will let you push yourself to the limit as long as you are safe and well-conditioned.


Positive results await you with boxing training. You will enjoy a physically fit body and will keep you in better shape.
You have the option of working out and exercising at your preferred level and skill. Enjoy the fun of these boxing training for fitness programs.

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What Causes Acid Reflux Disease – The Symptom Is Heartburn

What Causes Acid Reflux Disease?

What Causes Acid Reflux Disease

The causes of acid reflux disease are widely agreed among physicians and medical paraprofessionals, that initial diagnosis, mostly by using a typical acid reflux symptoms questionnaire, is necessary to ensure the most effective and quick treatment for this condition.

Approx 70% of the acid reflux diagnostics that are based on the presence of typical symptoms are accurate.

Since acid reflux, also called GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), can cause patients a great deal of discomfort and result in severe complications,

it is highly important to know how to identify all symptoms of acid reflux in order to quickly diagnose and treat it.

Symptoms of acid reflux and heartburn.

The most common symptom of GERD is persistent heartburn.

Heartburn is experienced as an unpleasant and painful burning sensation in the esophageal area.

Other typical symptoms are as follows:

1. Gastric regurgitation, which means an unrestricted reversed flow

of gastric or esophageal contents into the throat.

This gastric fluid can cause respiratory complications under certain conditions.

2. Odynophagia, which means pain when swallowing.

3. Dysphagia, which means difficulty swallowing, or the feeling of food stuck in the throat.

In addition to the above, about 50% of all gastroesophageal reflux disease

sufferers report the co-occurrence of sinonasal symptoms

(i. e. symptoms pertaining to the nose and sinuses).

Abnormal GERD symptoms include chronic wheezing and coughing

(sometimes referred to as acid reflux related asthma, and are caused by the aspiration

of gastric contents into the lungs, area), spasmodic noncardiac chest pain and damage

to the lungs, often followed by respiratory diseases such as pneumonia and asthma

Intense chest pain may closely resemble that of myocardial infarction that it

has often been incorrectly interpreted as a heart attack.

However, unlike the symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease,

cardiovascular chest pain is usually aggravated during physical exercise.

What Is Acid Reflux?

What Causes Acid Reflux Disease

Acid reflux disease, also known as gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, occurs due to the coexistence of two medical conditions. The first acid reflux disease contributing condition is a retrograde flow of stomach contents into the esophagus. However, the reflux itself does not necessarily lead to gastro-esophageal reflux disease symptoms or histologic changes and can occur among healthy individuals as well. In this case, the process is referred to as “physiologic gastroesophageal reflux”.

The second acid reflux disease predisposing condition is a lower esophageal sphincter (LES) malfunction. The LES is a 3-cm to 4-cm ring of muscle, which is two to three times thicker than the proximal esophagus and acts as a valve between the esophagus and the stomach. In the case of acid reflux disease, the LES does not close perfectly and stomach contents splash up into the esophagus. When pathologic symptoms follow this process, the whole condition is called acid reflux disease.

Gastro-esophageal reflux disease is usually experienced as a persistent (at least twice a week) heartburn. Heartburn is the burning sensation in the chest or throat, caused by refluxed stomach contents touching the lining of the esophagus. Since healthy individuals may also experience light reflux – occasional heartburn is common as well and doesn’t necessarily serve as evidence of GERD.

Some GERD sufferers may also experience pain in the chest, cough, morning hoarseness, voice changes, difficulty swallowing (especially lumpy foods), chronic earache, burning chest pains, nausea or sinusitis. Some patients report a sensation that reminds food stuck, choking or tightness in the throat. This happens due to continuous stomach contents acid flow that comes into contact with the esophagus and causes inflammation of the esophagus resulting in scars from tissue damage.

Chronic acid reflux disease

Chronic acid reflux disease can lead to serious health complications. Those include stricture formation, bleeding, ulcers, and esophageal spasms. When the stomach acid reaches the upper esophagus and trachea, the process can result in a variety of severe conditions, such as asthma, sinusitis, and pneumonia. Finally, some people may develop Barrett’s esophagus, a condition that manifests in an abnormal shape and color of cells in the esophageal lining. This condition is a precursor to esophageal cancer, especially in adults over 60 years old.

Treat acid reflux disease.

The treatment of acid reflux disease takes three forms: surgery, medical therapy and holistic therapy, including dietary and lifestyle changes and the intake of specific herbal supplements. An undergoing surgery should be considered very carefully, since it can compound some underlying conditions, such as stricture and motility disorders. The medical treatment of GERD includes PPIs and H2 blockers. While acid reflux can be treated by taking prescription medications or acid blockers such as the above, bear in mind that the results may be temporary and that some conventional medications can cause serious side effects.

From a holistic point of view, acid reflux disease is considered a warning sign of a major internal imbalance that needs to be properly addressed. Therefore, alternative remedies, such as homeopathic remedies, herbal remedies, lifestyle changes as part of a complete holistic regimen are strongly recommended for acid reflux sufferers.

This article is based on the book, “Heartburn No More” by Jeff Martin. Jeff is an author, researcher, nutritionist and health consultant who dedicated his life to creating the ultimate acid reflux solution guaranteed to permanently reverse the root cause of heartburn and acid reflux and naturally and dramatically improve the overall quality of your life, without the use prescription medication and without any surgical procedures. Click Here to visit his website:


Finally, acid reflux can also harm the vocal cords (hoarseness, laryngitis, cancer),

ears (otitis media), and teeth (enamel decay). Being able to identify those symptoms as

GERD related is of great importance to your health and general well being

and for the prevention of potential complications.

Acid reflux symptoms might serve as evidence of severe overall internal imbalance.

In addition to that, neglected gastroesophageal reflux disease

can lead to significant physical discomfort and sometimes can

result in chronic and even dangerous health conditions,

such as esophageal cancer and pneumonia.

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