Bitcoin Dominance Hits All-time Highs In 2019- Bitcoin price

Bitcoin Dominance Hits All-time Highs In 2019Bitcoin Dominance Hits All-time Highs In 2019


Bitcoin price has rebounded massively this year, and new data shows that Bitcoin’s dominance over altcoins is higher than ever.

BTC/USD has seen strong gains since early spring as pressure continues to build in the trade war between China and the United States.  The Bitcoin price rally came after global stock markets suffered and as they continue to struggle to avoid a recession. We’ve seen China devalue its own yuan currency below $7, a key level that initiated a huge flow of money out of the currency.  It appears a great deal of that money flowed into bitcoin.

Altcoins have seen their hope for a rally disappear over and over again, as the majority have been outperformed this year by Bitcoin.  It’s seeming more and more likely that Bitcoin’s market cap dominance, currently at 68.4% (a more than two-year high), may never again return to its 2018 all-time low of 35%.

The current bitcoin price movement is strengthening the sentiment of the cryptocurrency’s use as a hedging instrument.  Bitcoin was initially designed to reduce dependence on the centralized financial system, so it makes sense that we are seeing a bitcoin price increase as news of geopolitical and financial instability reaches investors.  These sentiments were echoed on CNBC when the CEO of consultancy firm Agecroft Partners Don Seinbrugged praised Bitcoin’s hedging properties, saying “Bitcoin is going to be here for a long time and long term I think it will be part of a lot of hedge funds’ portfolios.”

Most analysts are in agreement that an early 2020 price target of $14,000 is very realistic.  Trader Josh Rager said on his Telegram channel “Bitcoin is clear skies on the weekly and monthly chart. Not much stands in the way” of another bull run.  It seems that crypto, along with gold, is increasing its appeal to the masses as a safe haven of wealth as stocks start to show signs of a downturn.


Bitcoin’s dominance is nearly at the 70% level, with it currently possessing a 68.8% share.  The total market cap is up by 3.5% ($327bn) and the overall volume is down by 31% ($61.6bn) on the previous week.  Bitcoin is up by 3.9%, Ethereum by 3.1%, XRP is down by 3.8% and EOS is up by 0.6%. The best performers among the top-30 crypto were Crypto.com Chain (31.5%), Tezos (26.7%), and Monero (14.4%).  After a volatile start to the week, coins were stabilizing towards the end, with total market cap ranging in a small 6% channel.

TD Ameritrade’s ErisX announced that the CFTC (U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission) granted it a derivative clearing organization (DCO) license.  This license acts as a secondary approval on top of their existing designated contract market (DCM) license. With these approvals, the company can now launch crypto futures products under the watch of the U.S. regulator.

At a recent blockchain summit in Taipei, the CEO of Binance announced that the exchanged will soon launch a futures trading platform with leverage up to 20x.

Bitfinex has announced that the outstanding loan worth $100m from Tether has been fully repaid.


Stock markets all over the world saw waves of both buying and selling early this week as threats from both Beijing and Washington raised more fears of a global economic slowdown.  The Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P 500, and the Nasdaq Composite all bounced around, bringing them essentially even to where they were a year ago at this time.

The hardest-hit industries were industrial and technology companies that rely on global trade.  Facebook, Apple, and Google parent company Alphabet each fell over 3%. Traders also showed their belief that there’s more instability to come, as the Cboe Volatility Index grew 40%, its largest one-day gain since October.


The combination of interest rate cuts, geopolitical uncertainty, and bearish markets makes it an ideal time to invest in Gold.  The precious metal has not only seen continued growth this year, but it also acts as ideal storage of wealth in volatile markets like these.

“Gold is positioned to remain one of the prime destinations of safety this week as the horrible combination of US-China trade disputes and global growth concerns boost appetite for safe-haven assets,” FXTM senior research analyst Lukman Otunuga said.

Technically speaking, Gold’s picture is currently very bullish, and there are no indications that will change in the near future.

Now is the time to take advantage of the rising price of gold and protect yourself from stock market volatility.  Indicators are showing that these bullish trends will continue in the gold markets, giving you an excellent opportunity for immediate growth and providing protection for your assets against future economic downturns.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Act now and reap the benefits.

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Find a Great Affiliate Marketing Forum

Find a Great Affiliate Marketing Forum

Find a Great Affiliate Marketing Forum

It can be difficult to successfully make money online as an affiliate marketer without proper information and strategies. One popular way to learn how to succeed in this business is to join an affiliate marketing forum that connects people in this community to allow them to share tips and ideas. This allows both beginners and experts to come together to share their knowledge and experience, which can help both parties improve their earnings potential.

These affiliate marketing forums offer a wealth of free information on nearly any relational subject like niche market research, SEO, affiliate site building, keyword research, network selection, or highest paying programs. All of this free information is posted by forum members who aren’t making any money to share their knowledge and experience, so it can generally be considered reliable.

Even though forums are a great place to just read and learn, the best thing about them is the community. The members are typically very friendly, which makes it easier for beginners to make a forum post to ask for help if they cannot find the answer to their question in an existing post. It also gives marketers a place to meet fellow marketers that share the same problems or interests. This provides an excellent opportunity to meet new affiliates or even partners for joint ventures.

Since affiliate marketing is such a huge industry, there are a lot of forums that are centered around it as well. The best forums to join are those with large, active membership counts. The most active of these forums constantly have posts and replies being made by members, so there is always someone around to help answer questions.

A lot of beginners may not know whether to join one or more forums. Although the busy sites will have more than enough content for someone to read, it can be a good idea to join more than one site for one main reason. Typically, expert marketers will only be active members of one site or a small handful of them, so joining multiple forums can give exposure to more of these experts. When beginners can identify these people, it is a good idea to follow their posts to soak up as much of their knowledge as possible.

Reviews have been provided here for some of the best affiliate marketing forums on the internet. Even though there are thousands of affiliates in the communities of all of these forums, most of them cover more general topics that could be classified under internet marketing instead of affiliate marketing. However, almost any kind of information like this can be extremely helpful to those looking to learn because many other types of marketing strategies can also be successfully used by affiliates to generate more sales.

Top affiliate marketing forumsFind a Great Affiliate Marketing Forum

Warrior Forum

Although it is typically considered to be a general internet marketing forum, the Warrior Forum is actually one of the best affiliate forums because of its huge membership count.

There are a lot of experts who can be found there with a wide variety of knowledge and experience that spans across almost any conceivable type of niche market.

These experts are here because many of them are able to make a full-time income using some of the special advertising services available on this forum.

The Warrior Forum has been around for many years, so there is already a ton of tips and strategies available for anyone to read and the downside to this forum is that some of their services are not free.

A number of sub-forums allow members to advertise or sell services or products, like the Warrior Special Offers Forum. Unfortunately, it costs money to both post new threads and bump existing threads in these special forums, but many members are actually able to make a lot of money this way.

A premium membership account is also available on the Warrior Forum which gives members access to the War Room, that’s a special repository loaded with free marketing resources that cover almost anything imaginable.

Considering the quality and amount of information available in the War Room and the cost and duration of the premium membership, the upgrade is well worth it for almost any beginner marketer.

Even though the Warrior Forum has some downsides, it is the most highly recommended forum for affiliate marketers because there are so many active, expert members there.

Moreover, compared with almost any other forum in the industry, this one has many times more members and thread posts.

Wicked Fire

Another leading forum that seems to have more of an affiliate marketing specialty is Wicked Fire.

Even though they do not have as many members or posts as the Warrior Forum, there are still reasons why both beginners and experts will want to join this site.

In general, the environment and attitude on this site are completely the opposite of that found on the Warrior Forum.

It is said that the administrators even express their disliking of that forum in some random, sticky forum posts.

Experts can be found here because some of the advertising services that cost money on the Warrior Forum are available on Wicked Fire for free.

In particular, they offer a Buy, Sell & Trade sub-forum that is essentially an open marketplace for active members. However, a minimum post count is required to be eligible to post in this sub-forum, but the required limit is not difficult to reach.

In general, one main type of product is not allowed to be sold here, which is e-books.

Beginners can take advantage of the friendly, outgoing nature of members found on Wicked Fire and while beginners can be ridiculed on other forums for their questions, Wicked Fire offers a dedicated sub-forum for newbie questions that solve this specific problem.

They can also take advantage of the Buy, Sell & Trade sub-forum to test the water by selling various services or products. Since it is free to use, it presents an excellent opportunity to try domain flipping or another creative idea before more time and money is invested.

More affiliate marketing forums

Being as broad a topic as it is, there are many other good forums on affiliate marketing and related topics with lots of active users. Some of the top ones include the following:

This is a very active form with hundreds of thousands of members. There are threads for everything from Twitter to programming. Some drawbacks are the sheer amount of information and the bad apples, mainly spammers, that such a large forum attracts.

Search Engine Watch
This forum covers a lot more than its name implies. From PPC to video and various affiliate marketing topics, it is a good source of information.


SitePoint is an online media company that has a big forum with a lot of members. It focuses on a lot on web design and programming as well as affiliate marketing.

For those who need another type of forum, how to find forums covers the best search techniques for finding great forums in any niche.


How to Find the Right Forums

How to Find the Right ForumsHow to Find the Right Forums

Following and commenting on forums is a way to both keep up with what is going on in a niche and get some backlinks at the same time. It is also a way to socialize and make oneself known among people with related interests. However, forums do take valuable time but finding the right ones will make time spent on them much more effective. Here are some methods to make finding the perfect forums easier.

Before getting into any forums, remember that spamming with thoughtless comments and blatant self-promotion will lead to one being ignored at best and banned at worst. Instead, approach forums to learn, network and help people. Offer useful advice and only occasionally include a promotional link. When people are positively contributing to a forum, many users will follow their signature and profile links back to the forum member’s site without any promotion.

A nice thing about forum commenting is that finding forums does not require any expensive software and can be done through a regular search. Simply type the following in a search engine:

  • “your niche keyword(s)” forum (try both with and without quotation marks)

For example, a search for a forum on “search engine optimization” would look like this: search engine optimization forum

It is also possible to find good forums using names of popular software that most are run on Examples of the most used ones are below. Note the vBulletin is paid and perhaps the best software.

  • “Powered by vBulletin”  your niche keyword(s)
  • “Powered by SMF” your niche keyword(s)
  • “Powered by PhpBB” your niche keyword(s)
  • “Powered by PunBB” your niche keyword(s)
  • “Powered by IPB” your niche keyword(s)

Therefore, the same search example given above would look like this: “Powered by vBulletin”  search engine optimization

Filtering to get the best forums

How to Find the Right ForumsThe results given in searched will likely need to be filtered and narrowed down. For example, many people will want sites offering “follow” links in order to get more juice from search engine rankings, or only want forums that rank high in search engines. The free Firefox browser has a lot of good plugins that can help with this task. One of the best is SEO Quake, which gives lots of information about sites on the search results page to include page rank and if the site is nofollow.

Forum search engines

Another way to find forums is to use search engines dedicated to forum searches. The following are some of the top search engines for this purpose, although some of them contain message boards and other sites that are not strictly forums.

Regardless of how the forums are found, look for ways to select the best ones. Examine each forum individually for interesting topics. A look at the number of threads and the most recent posts will give a good idea of how active it is. A forum with little recent activity may not be worth signing up with. In addition, a good forum will have some kind of moderation and will not allow blatant advertising.

Forum signatures

When using forum commenting to bring people to your site, the most important aspect is that they allow some type of signature that shows up at the bottom of posts. Look at their policies on signatures (doing a search of the forum name + “signature rules” often works well). Live, dofollow links are the best, but many forums will not offer these. Any forum that offers some type of a link, even if it is not live, has the possibility of generating good traffic if you are posting information people are really interested in.

Using forums effectively

Once the right forum(s) have been found, keep the following goals in mind:

  • Learning about the niche and find what people in the niche are interested in
  • Providing others with useful information

Good forums will have knowledgeable people posting on them. This is a great way to learn and gather information to use when creating your own content. In addition, keep an eye out for popular topics and consider incorporating them into your site.

Never use forums as a place to start just posting links to a site. Most posts should be concentrated solely on offering advice. Do research to give people the best answers possible. When people see posters making intelligent and useful answers to posts, they will be drawn to want to learn more about that person and follow links in their signature, even if they have to copy and paste it.

If posting links is allowed, it is fine occasionally offer links back to specific articles on your site that offer solutions to questions asked. However, the main emphasis needs to be on establishing oneself as a knowledgeable member of the forum community and learning about the niche. Therefore, the number of forums one posts on should be limited so that the posts can be regular enough to allow the poster to be noticed.

The profile

The profile should be completed carefully with a good image and any other requested information. If you are not using your own name, always try to select as clever a name as possible. Remember that a good profile, combined with informative posts, is a good way to build followers to your own site and the kind of social proof that search engines are increasingly looking for.

If you have any questions or comments on how to improve the site or anything else, please let me know. I would like nothing better than to hear from you. In the future, I will certainly take any suggestions you make into account.


Niche Affiliate Marketing-Choosing The Right Niche Market

Niche Affiliate Marketing-Choosing Your Market

Niche Affiliate Marketing-Choosing Your Market

If you have been looking for a home business idea or a way to make some extra money online, niche marketing can be the way to go. A niche is usually thought of as a very narrow and specific market. There are many affiliate marketing programs online that marketers can use to find products and services to sell in the niches they find. It is all about finding a smaller segment of a market that has not received much targeted marking and thus has lower competition.

To many people, niche marketing is a hobby that will only supplement their incomes if it pays at all. There is certainly no guarantee of success. However, with the right attitude and hard work, it can be built into something that pays handsomely, and some have built these hobbies into small business empires serving a number of markets.

Niche marketing is a great way to get started making money online, particularly if the focus is on a niche that one has a lot of interest or knowledge. Which a good background in the niche, it will be easier to create the kind of content that will attract customers and higher rankings in the search engines. It makes marketing more interesting too. Thus, particularly for beginners, an area of interest is always a good place to start.

In return for promoting and selling products for others, the affiliate marketer can receive commissions ranging from a few percent to 70% or more. Typically, digital products will pay better commissions but may be harder to sell. Generally, the most profitable affiliate marketing niches have both physical and digital products that can be sold.

Basic advantages of niche affiliate marketing

  • It is not necessary to invest a lot of money to get started.
  • There is no need to handle or stock products.
  • No need to provide customer service.
  • Many products offer high commissions.
  • Work from home.
  • It can be made into either a full-time or side income.
  • It can be started almost immediately.
  • Freedom to work whenever time permits

Pros and cons of entering into a competitive niche market

Before people can get started in niche affiliate marketing, they need to decide how competitive of a market to go for. Those who want to concentrate on fewer websites and devote more time and effort to them will likely go for more competitive niches. There are some advantages as well as disadvantages of getting into a competitive niche and should be considered before starting. In such a market, different obstacles will likely be encountered.

A competitive niche is a great place to learn and improve skills in niche marketing. Getting into such a niche, one can be assured that it is a good market, and there is money to be made in it. If there was not and the products were not in demand, it is highly unlikely the niche would have ever attracted so many marketers. In such a busy market where ‘perform or perish’ is the order of the day, those who rise to the top can often make it big.

Niche Affiliate Marketing-Choosing Your MarketThe main disadvantage of getting into a competitive niche is that those without enough skills may not get very far even with a lot of effort. It will certainly take a longer time to get established in these markets, and the products may change before then. It is easy to put a lot of time and resources into such a market and not see any real return at all.

Pros and cons of entering a less competitive niche market

Finding less competitive niches is often the best option for people interested in niche marketing. It is frequently recommended by gurus advising those just getting started.

While most niche markets are gradually becoming more competitive, a lot of niches are still out there where it is relatively easy to rank at or near the top of in the search engines. Keep in mind that most people never go past the first result’s page, and the top few sites get the lion’s share of the traffic. Thus, ranking first and ranking fifth can make a huge difference in visitors to a site. Even though a less competitive niche market will have fewer searches, it may generate more revenue with higher rankings. Furthermore, it will take a lot less time and effort to get to the top.

In a typical market, the majority of searchers are not going to generate revenue when they visit a site. This means a website will not make money unless it has a fair number of visitors. Less competitive niches that only have a few searches a day for a particular keyword phrase probably will not produce enough income to make them worth the time and effort to create.

Those looking to get into niche affiliate marketing can be assured there are still many niches where a happy medium can be found. The niche needs to generate enough traffic to be worthwhile, but not so broad and competitive that it may take excessive effort to get the site to rank. Do careful research that takes one’s interests into account while using the tools and principles outlined in how to find a niche. With time and practice, the right niches can be found, and money can be made.

If you have any questions or comments on how to improve the site or anything else, please let me know. I would like nothing better than to hear from you. In the future, I will certainly take any suggestions you make into account.


The Top Free Online Publishing Platforms – Free Publishing

The Top Free Online Publishing PlatformsThe Top Free Online Publishing Platforms

Many online platforms allow people to publish content for free. All of these platforms are unique, with each providing special features that others don’t. Depending on the platform, these can be used for various purposes to include publishing promotional content, building links to a website, networking and making people aware of you and your products.

Free Online Content Publishing Platforms

Here are nine of the most popular free online content publishing platforms, and just what makes each one unique:


Blogger is a blogging platform created and owned by Google. Blogger is known to be a very flexible platform that is also fairly simple to use. Because it’s directly tied to the Google platform, there are a few benefits that most Google fanatics enjoy about Blogger:

  • Use your Google Docs to post to your Blogger blogs.
  • You can configure your blog to have a secret posting email address. This allows you to post to your blog by sending content to the email address from other sites, or even your cell phone.
  • Your Google Videos and YouTube videos can be linked directly to your blog posts, keeping all of your content located on the Google platform.
  • Since Blogger is a Google product, Google web crawlers check these blogs regularly, ensuring that you can be found in Google searches if the right keywords are used in your content.


Hubpages is another good platform for publishing content. Hubpages are unique in that they allow users to easily earn revenue with ads provided by their own ad programs, Google Adsense, eBay, and Amazon.com. These revenue sharing sources are all conveniently located on one platform. So, you only have to sign up once to enjoy the benefits of all four. Here are some other unique points:

  • Users, or content providers, are called “hubbers”, posting on sub-domains known as hubs. To start a new topic, you simply start a new hub.
  • Hubpages is not a blogging site. It’s a place where users can publish magazine-like articles. They are usually much longer than blog posts and go in-depth about a specific subject.
  • Unlike blogs, hubs are not continuously added to. To upload multiple posts on a single topic, you would start a new hub, and link them to each other using the Hubpages “group” feature.


This is a community site that lets its members publish pages directly related to particular subjects. These pages are called “lenses”, and their creators are “lense-masters.” Squidoo also allows its lense-masters to earn extra revenue through Amazon.com and eBay referral links. Here are some of the other benefits that are unique to their platform:

  • Users can create multimedia lenses easily, without having any HTML skills.
  • Squidoo pages become popular because of the way each one is associated with thousands of other lenses.
  • You earn 50 percent of all advertisements you allow to be posted on your lenses.

The Top Free Online Publishing Platforms


WordPress is most popularly known as a free blogging tool. However, what makes it unique to Blogger is that it’s also a content management system that allows many types of useful plug-ins for better functionality. Here are some other great benefits unique to WordPress:

  • The same system can easily be installed on your own hosting. Therefore, you only need to learn one system for both your paid and free hosting sites.
  • Many developers like this platform because they have the freedom to design their own plug-ins to make their blogs interactive in the ways they would like. Then, these plug-ins can be shared for free usage by other WordPress users.


This platform is known as a micro-blogging site. It’s unique in the fact that this blogging site is also a social network site. Their “tumblelog” or “tlog” posting allows users to post short blogs, as opposed to the long ones encouraged by Blogger and WordPress. What makes it even more unique is that it encourages “mixed-media” style posts. Here are some examples of what all this means to Tumblr users:

  • The mixed-media micro-blogging comes in the form of links, pics, videos, quotations, and dialogues.
  • In contrast to blogs, a tumblelog is most commonly used for sharing user creations, findings, and experiences.
  • Used to easily post single items like audio and pictures. Embed a single video quickly with the functionality of the Tumblr platform interface.

Movable Type

Movable Type as an open-source blogsite has been compared to WordPress because of its free hosting package. It’s an easy platform to use for non-developers who want their own blogs. Just like WordPress and Blogger, it allows for unlimited blogs and stand-alone pages to host your content. It’s a popular blog hosting platform for online publications. Some of the other benefits include:

  • Allows bloggers to have multiple users for your blogs. That means you can allow blogging access to your assistant, staff members and sales staff for a more interactive business blog.
  • The interface allows you to create new blogs and websites from one screen. It also gives you the convenience of being able to see at-a-glance activity summaries for your blogs and sites.
  • It allows you to set-up user permissions for multiple bloggers within your blog or website. You can easily disable access without any hassles at all.

This blogging platform was originally intended to be a site for users to share reviews on books, music, and movies. Now, as a full-service blog hosting site, Xanga brands itself as being as user-friendly as Facebook or MySpace. This ease of use is why many have flocked to Xanga. However, there are other benefits:

  • Members get a free Xanga site which is made up of multiple blogs, including a weblog, photoblog, videoblog, and audio blog. It also comes with a mini-blog called a “pulse” and your own Xanga social networking profile.
  • They offer many free online communities for their users. You can join a specific forum based on your own business or personal interests. Popular posts get featured spots on the Xanga website. This gives your site or blog even more exposure if your content is featured.
  • They offer excellent security features that allow you to block younger readers for adult content. You also have the option to make certain blog posts accessible by your chosen few. This is a good feature for inter-company blogging.

From the creators of the Lycos search engine, Tripod is not just a hosting service. This platform is also a blogging content management system (CMS). Although they don’t offer an open-source software program, it’s said to offer a large variety of templates designed by professionals. Users who choose to remain on the free platform will see Tripod hosted ads on their blogs. However, users don’t seem to mind.

  • Tripod gives its members 20MG of free hosting space. This is more than enough for new users to create blogs and websites for just about any niche.
  • They have a general support group that’s available to help you with your blog. The knowledge base is full of answers to popular questions asked by users, along with the Member Help Blog. In addition, this free content host also has a trouble ticket system where technical support can help you even further.
  • Their free platform gives you access to over 200 templates to easily create your website or blog.

This is one of the easiest content creators around. Their widget-style interface allows users to create entire websites and blogs with simple “drag-and-drop” of images, text boxes, and other interactive page elements. You can easily add as much content to each page as you like. Look at other benefits Weebly users brag about:

  • One of the easiest platforms around for new website builders and bloggers. No experience is necessary to create just what you want.
  • Their free platform offers a non-restricted amount of pages, storage, and bandwidth. There are no ads placed on the websites and blogs of free hosted accounts.
  • For a very simple way to earn more revenue with your blog or site, Weebly has teamed up with Google. They have redesigned their system to be fully integrated with Google Adsense. For a while, this was something only Blogger offered.

Start publishing content for free

While free sites are a good place to start for those new to publishing online, they are also useful to experienced webmasters. Regardless of your goals, since they do not cost anything, there is no reason not to get started today.

If you have any questions or comments on how to improve the site or anything else, please let me know. I would like nothing better than to hear from you. In the future, I will certainly take any suggestions you make into account.