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Find a Great Affiliate Marketing Forum

Find a Great Affiliate Marketing Forum

 To make money online as an affiliate marketer and be successful can be hard without proper information and know-how. One popular way people learn to succeed in this business is to find and join an affiliate marketing forum that connects people in this community and allow them to share tips and ideas.

Beginners and experts come together and share their knowledge and experience.

Helping both parties improve their earnings potential.

To find and join an affiliate marketing forum offer a wealth of free information on nearly any relational subject like:-

(A) Niche Market Research,

(B) SEO,

(C) Affiliate site-building

(D) keyword research

(E) Network selection

(F) or highest paying programs.

All this free information is posted by forum members who’re making money and sharing their

knowledge and experience, so it can generally be considered reliable.

A great place to just read and learn

The community is the forums’ best thing since forums are a great place to read and learn.

Usually, members are very friendly, making it easier for beginners to post in the forum.

Also, helping to find answers to their questions in an existing post.

It’s a place where marketers meet fellow marketers that share the same problems or interests.

Providing the opportunity to meet new affiliates or even partners for joint ventures.

Affiliate marketing is a huge industry, so there are many forums centered around it.

However, The best forums to join are those with large, active membership counts.

These large, active membership forums constantly have posts, replies from members and someone to answer questions.

Many beginners won’t know whether to join one or more forums.

Although the large, active membership forums have loads of content to read, it’s good to join more than one.

Usually, expert marketers are active members of one or a small handful of forums.

So join multiple forums and get exposure to more of these experts.

Identify them, follow their posts and soak up as much of their knowledge as possible.

 Affiliate marketing forum

Reviews are provided here to help you find and join an affiliate marketing forum online.

These forum communities have thousands of affiliates.

Most of these marketers cover general topics classified as internet marketing instead of affiliate marketing.

However, any kind of information like this is extremely helpful for learning.

Plus, many other marketing strategies can be successfully used to generate more sales.

Warrior Forum
Find a Great Affiliate Marketing Forum

Warrior Forum is usually considered a general internet marketing forum.

Actually, it’s a top affiliate marketing forum because of its huge membership count.

Many experts are there with a wide variety of knowledge and experience that spans almost any conceivable type of niche market.

They’re able to make a full-time income here using the special advertising services available.

Warrior Forum was around for many years, with tons of tips and strategies available for anyone to read.

This forums’ downside is that some of their services are not free.


Many sub-forums allow members to advertise, sell services or products, like the Warrior Special Offers Forum.

Unfortunately, it costs money to post new threads and bumps existing threads in these special forums.

However, many members are actually making lots of money this way.

Premium members-only access the War Room,  a free marketing resources special repository covering anything imaginable.

Considering the War Rooms’ quality and amount of information, the cost and duration of the premium membership.

For any beginner marketer, it’s well worth the upgrade.

With its’ many active, expert members and some downsides.

It is still the most highly recommended forum for affiliate marketers.

Moreover, compared with almost any other forum in the industry, this one has many times more members and thread posts.

Wicked Fire Affiliate Marketing Forum

Another leading forum that seems to have more of an affiliate marketing specialty is Wicked Fire.

Even though they do not have as many members or posts as the Warrior Forum,

there are still reasons why both beginners and experts will want to join this site.

In general, the environment and attitude on this site are completely the opposite of Warrior Forums’.

It is said that the administrators even express their disliking of that forum in some random, sticky forum posts.

Experts can be found here because of some of the advertising services that

cost money on the Warrior Forum is available on Wicked Fire for free.

They offer a Buy, Sell & Trade sub-forum that’s essentially an open marketplace for active members.

However, this sub-forum eligibility requires a minimum post count which isn’t difficult to reach.

In general, e-books are not allowed to be sold here.

Take advantage of the friendly, outgoing nature of members found on Wicked Fire.

Beginners can be ridiculed on other forums for their questions.

However, Wicked Fire offers a dedicated sub-forum for newbie questions that solve this specific problem.

Take advantage of the Buy, Sell & Trade sub-forum to test the water by selling various services or products.

It’s free so before investing more time and money try domain flipping or other creative ideas.

Find More affiliate marketing forums

On related topics are many other good affiliate marketing forums with many active users.

Some of the top ones include the following:

This is a very active form with hundreds of thousands of members.

There are threads for everything from Twitter to programming.

Such a large forum of information attracts spammers and some drawbacks.

Search Engine Watch
This forum covers a lot more than its name implies.

It’s a good source of information from PPC to video and various affiliate marketing topics.


SitePoint is an online media company that has a big forum with a lot of members.

It focuses on a lot on web design and programming as well as affiliate marketing.

For those who need another type of forum.

How to find forums covers the best search techniques for finding great forums in any niche.

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